Sencha N35

by Mr.Saito
  2015 spring at Nishimata
with my favorite tea pot, made by Uchiyama chiizuko


Japanese Oriental beauty ・Tsuyuhikari

Left; Tsuyuhikari, 2015 28-29,June, Nishimata, by Mr.Watanabe
I had Tsuyuhikari since we made the tea
It was after 1month less than
I felt the change
and the tea can grow more and more


failured tea

We forgot one plate of Yabukita at withering
Then the tea leaves dried
I felt Yabukita scent and like bancha


Japanese Oriental beauty 2015

6/13-14 N35 is like good oolong tea
It was little harms of planthoppers
6/27-28 N35 is exactly Oriental beauty
Yama no ibuki need to remove big leaves
Yabukita is just Yabukita !!
Yabukita scent is strong


Japanese Oriental beauty ・ Saemidori

by Mr.Watanabe
Tea leaves are Saemidori

at Nishimata

He recognized the importance of picking of tea leaves
Then, he checked tea leaves every 30 minutes
and Nishimata madams learned tea buds, planthoppers chewed





It was the last, in this year
Thank you for all


Having tea, tea and tea

The two days, we had tea, tea and tea
It was hot day !!
During tea leaves picking, we spoke about raw puer tea
So, I want to have raw puer tea

In the evening,  during withering
We were very very  tired
So, we had puer tea

in the midnight, we had many Japanese black teas
Thank you Mr.Niroku

and next morning, we had oolong teas
more and more…
Thank you for all


Japanese Oriental beauty ・Nishimata

by Mr.Watanabe
from left Tuyuhikari, N35, Yama no ibuki
All of tea leaves grew by Mr.Saito
at Nishimata


 The day before, it was cloud
and the day was fine
There was a lot of buds that plant hoppers chewed

 Nishimata madams picked buds
It was difficult
Because, usually, they picked healthy buds for sencha tea

The center of mountain is Mt.Fuji

At Mr.Niroku's tea factory

 Mr.Watanabe felt the change of tea leaves all the time

 Mr.Niroku and Mr.Saito
Special thanks

Thank you for all