Japanese Oolong tea

Niroku' s Izumi
Mr.Niroku is about seventy years old
He is very powerful and talkactive
When he face to tea leaves, he become another person
This year, I am going to make his oolong tea
Thank you


Japanese Oolong tea

made by Mr.Niroku
Tea leaves are Izumi
Although nobody use Izumi for oolong tea, he is good

Making Japanese Oolong tea

  I joined to make Oolong tea
with Mr.Watanabe
at Mariko, Shizuoka
tea leaves are Saemidori ( left ) and Yamonoibuki ( right )
by Mr.Saitou from Nishimata
I felt that Saemidori was sweet and frankincense
while, Yamanoibuki was green laver

He tried to make with young shoots
So, this tea was brewed with low templeture water

Mr.Niroku supported us to midnight

 and prepared a lot of delicious food
Thank you for all


Japanese Oolong tea

Oolong tea made by Mr.Watanabe at Last Autumn
About six months ago
Right was Saemidori, flower scent became deep
Left was Benifuuki, umm…
Watanabe said that the water located in the core of tea leaf immediately after making
and the water moved over the tea leaf
Let's try Oolong tea in this year !!
Thank you


Cherry cherry and cherry !!

 I went to Umegashima for chery blossoms
I like wild cherry trees



and cherry !!

 Thank you for all (^^)

and we had Monaka, bean‐jam‐filled wafers
with footbath


Pan fried tea

cold tea
from Takatiho, Miyazaki
The tea was good balance of roasting and bitter

I like Shibamoto's pan fried tea
but his tea are not good balanced
too greenish or too roasted
I like the fault of his tea
So, I am jealous for good tea


Japanese Oolong tea

Tea leaves are Yabukita
by nunny goat farming and electric roasted at the new year party
with baked sweet potates

 made by Mr.Shibamoto

Yesterday, we had the tea party for a total eclipse of the moon
but we could not the moon

We had a lot of tea
tung ting oolong tea, Shibamoto tea, sencha tea, pu'er tea and more…
Thank you for all


Sencha tea

Tea leaves are Okuhikari
made by Tsuchiya tea estate, Kawane, Shizuoka
I got clear spirit of the tea !!


Sencha tea

I joined the tea party of Tsuchiya tea estate at Kawane, Shizuoka
Tsuchiya tea estate produces only sencha tea
Kawane is a big producing district in Shizuoka

This pic: the center area, surronded with blue nets, is hand picking tea trees
The blue nets block deers and wild boars

I had sencha tea
with sipping style
At last, tea leaves was eaten with salt or wasabi-miso

Kawane is located in mountain area
besided Ooi river

 Thank you for all


Japanese Oolong tea

Tea leaves are Yabukita
made by Shibamoto, Makinohara, Shizuoka
He roasted with electric roaster at new year tea party

The first, I felt frankincense.
and the third, flower scent open !!
While, charcoal roasted was too hard

Thank you Shibamoto