Japanese Oolong tea

Tea leaves are Yabukita
made by Shibamoto, Makinohara, Shizuoka
He roasted with electric roaster at new year tea party

The first, I felt frankincense.
and the third, flower scent open !!
While, charcoal roasted was too hard

Thank you Shibamoto


Japanese Oolong tea

Japanese Oolong tea
made by Uno tea estate, Tenryuu, Sgizuoka
I thought the tea was spring seasons tea
But it may be Jin Xuan
I felt frankincense


Japanese Oolong tea

My son purchased the oolong tea ( left ) at the Farmer's market
The tea was made by Uno tea estate, Haruno, Tenryuu, Shizuoka
Tenryuu river locate at west Shizuoka
It is far from Abe river (Umegashima)

Uno met oolong tea at Taiwan
Then he started to make oolong tea
Tea leaves were secret
I compaired with Spring Seasons tea from Taiwan (right)
But the tea was too hard roasted
While, Uno's tea was too raw
I like the raw taste

Thank you my boy


Sencha tea

Tea leaves are Koushun
made by Akiyama tea estate in Fuji, Shizuoka
Koushun was crossed Kurasawa and Kanayamidori
I felt cherry leaves



Wakocha, Japanese black tea
made by Shibamoto
at Gokase, Miyazaki
with Ugama, 宇釜

I felt scent and sweet
Shibamoto's black tea is good or bad
This tea was good !!

Pan fried tea

Today, I am free
I am going to have many tea
The first, compaired pan fried tea
left; by Takatiho agricultural cooperative (JA)
Takatiho is mountain area in Miyazaki
right; by Shibamoto, Makinohara, Shizuoka

 JA is sweet that I felt amino acid
Shibamoto is felt the taste of tea leaves
I like Shibamoto's tea
But I think that JA is generally accepted


Oriental beauty for my friend

Happy birthday for my beautiful friend

Oriental beauty
tea leaves are 青心大有
made by Waranabe at taoyuan, Taiwan
Thank you


Sencha tea

Kiri no tsuyu, 霧の露
by Sansui-en in Tochizawa, Shizuoka
Tochizawa is located beside Warashina river
While, Umegashima is beside Abe river
In Shizuoka, I feel the taste is different for each river

Sencha tea

Iori, sencha tea
by Suiei tea estate in Ryokouti, Shizuoka
Sencha tea sliped into my body
fresh and clear
Thank you Daijiro


Bancha party

I love Bancha tea
Bancha tea is local tea
Goishi-cha and Awa-bancha are made in Shikoku
Both teas are post-fermented tea
Goishi-cha is lactic fermented

It is often said that pu'er tea is origin of Goishi-cha
But, I can not think so
I felt Goishi-cha very sour !!
The taste is different from pu'er tea

Thank you for all !!