Pu' er black tea

Man Sa black tea 2014

Brewing black tea need amount of heat
A tea wear is good a tea pot than a gaiwan
It is good that the tea pot made of soil
Soil has heat
Hot water is poured full of the tea pot

 The other day, I joined pu'er tea party by puer-cha.com
The first tea was pu'er black tea
As described above, I was teached
Now, I am practicing 
Thank you  Mr.Fujimoto


Geminids with Rock tea

Last night, I went to Kawane, Shizuoka
to watch Geminids
with ShuiShein Rock Tea and dried persimmons
Geminids streamed soft and slow like snow
A cup of hot rock tea well
Thank you, Mr.Shibamoto


Pu'er tea

I want to know the state of tea leaves
Whether the fermentation of the tea leaves were well or bad
Whether the fixtation were sufficient
And, What are the tea master thinking?
I want to know these questions from tea leaves

I have received the impression from tea leaves
For example, recently, from white tea leaves made by Mr.Shibamoto
But, I can not explane my impression
And my impression does not equal to goodness of tea leaves
I luck mind and times to watch the tea leaves

Mr.Fujimoto face to tea leaves
I want to know how to watch or feel the tea
But, I do not know Xishuangbanna
While, I think that the drainage water from tea leaves is common sencha and pu'er tea,e.g. 


Pu' er tea

 I am going to pu' er tea party of puer-cha.com
In this year, I joined some making tea leaves
But, I can not distinguish whether good or bad tea leaves
I can not understand that tea stuck in the throat
I can not feel that tea scratch in the throat
I sometimes feel good tea leaves, while another times I feel bad the tea leaves
When I made the tea, I can not answer whether the tea is good or bad
Next tea season, I am going to join making tea more and more
Until next season, I want to study how to watch tea leaves
Then I am going to pu'er tea party by Mr.Fujimoto

I feel that this tea leaves were very good
The scent was special
I can only say that the scent can not arise from Japanese tea leaves
But I can not explane the reason
I have little words for tea


White tea leaves

White tea leaves made by Mr.Shibamoto
The leaves are so beautiful, I can not brew tea
Now, I can only see the leaves
Thanks for Mr.Shibamoto


An apple pie with tea

My son baked apple pies
So, I brewed Wakocha, Japanese black tea,
named Kahori 2nd by Mr.Masui
The tea matched with apple
Thank you !!


Matcha with Katsura tree

Leaves of Katsura tree fell
These withered leaves smelled very sweet !!
but living leaves does not smell


Tea trip

I went to pick tea leaves at the foot of Mt.Fuji with Mr.Shibamoto
This tea was the pan fried tea by him

So, tea leaves used for White tea
Today's Mt.Fuji was cloud covered

  At Akiyama tea estate, some vegetables were cultivated

The Taros were specialty !!

Taros were pealed with this machine

I had vegetables with Tonjiru, miso soup
Thank you for all