Making Japanese Oolong tea

I joined to make Oolong tea
Tea picking at Nishimata, Shizuoka
The center mountain in this picture is Mt.Fuji

Tea leaves were Saemidori

Withering under the sun about 3hours and in the room about 3hours
and tea leaves mix with hands every 2 hours
Tea master, Mr.Watanabe withered firmly

The scent like banana

Fixation has been also firmly

Mr.Niroku worried us ^^

 Saemidori Oolong tea

likes flower tea

 Thank you great concern and meals, morning, lunch and dinner
for Mr.Niroku


Try to make Benifu-ki heavy fermentated tea

  Benifu-ki heavy fermented tea
We tried to make !!

At Nishimata, Shizuoka

 The height of Benifu-ki tea bushes were about the same as my height

 Now, I felt the power of this tea leaves

Tea master, Mr.Watanabe
Thank you for all


Sencha tea

Sencha tea !!
made by Mr.Saitou at Nishimata, Shizuoka
Thank you !(^^)!


Pan fried tea

This tea was made by Mr.Shibamoto with my tea friend and I, the other day
Yabukita little withering pan fried green tea

The scence like citrus and I felt gentle
The color of tea leaves were very vivid green
Thank you for all


Making the pan fried tea at Shibamoto tea estate

I joined to make the pan fried tea
at Shibamoto tea estate, Makinohara, Shizuoka

We picked up tea leaves ,which was bitted by leafhoppers
Breed name was Yabukita

Withering about 3hours

I get some persimmons

Rosting with big pan
Tea master, Mr.Shibamoto


And drying

It took about 12hours from picking to drying
Meanwhile, Mr.Shibatomo brewed some teas, he made

 The Yabukita, chewing by leaf hopper, pan fried green tea !!

I felt very gentle (^^)

Thank you for all


Tea party with my tea friends

I have some tea friends
Today, I had the tea party for my friend's teas

When I joined to make Japanese Oriental beauty ,
my friends also made fermented tea the same farmer
We compared two teas

 Thank you for all


Yabukita black tea

Recently , I love tea of Mr.Shibamoto
He makes pan fried tea
This year, He made black tea from Yabukita
Yabukita do not suitable to fermented tea
Yet, I did not feel the grassness to this tea
It was high scent !!
Thank you


Chinese tea festival

I joined the Chinese tea festival
Then, I got pouches for tea wear
I am going to go out with the pouches
Thank you


Umegashima, Wakocha, black tea

 In Japan, Higan comes when the seasons are changing
The days ,people have the opportunity to meet thier ancestors
They sweep and clean the tombs and offer seasonal flowers, and food such as Ohagi
Ohagi is that rice balls covered with sweet bean paste
and is the most common food offered during Higan

I visited to Mr.Sano who tea master of Wakocha, Japanese black tea
at Umegashima
 I love Umegashima and tea of Mr.Sano
Thank you for all