Tea market

 I joined the Japanese tea market
at Shimada, Shizuoka
The market was planned by the parenting support group
So, there were many childrens
This pic is Kaneroku Matsumoto
He surved fukamushi, gennmai and black tea

He surved fukamushi and black tea
It was very hot day
Japanese tea can be made by cold

I was so much fun
Thank you for all


Shooting stars and tea

I like shooting star
We watched the Perseid meteor shower
having tea and talking about him 
at Makinohara, Shizuoka
thank you Mr.Shibamoto


Sencha N35

by Mr.Saito
  2015 spring at Nishimata
with my favorite tea pot, made by Uchiyama chiizuko


Japanese Oriental beauty ・Tsuyuhikari

Left; Tsuyuhikari, 2015 28-29,June, Nishimata, by Mr.Watanabe
I had Tsuyuhikari since we made the tea
It was after 1month less than
I felt the change
and the tea can grow more and more


failured tea

We forgot one plate of Yabukita at withering
Then the tea leaves dried
I felt Yabukita scent and like bancha