Pan fried tea

made by Shibamoto
I like Sukkiri, which was felt greenish 
better than Kotteri, which was roasted

 Thanks Shibamoto
I like both


Pan fried tea

Left; Tuge-cha, 告茶 made by Kajiwara at Ashikita, Kumamoto
Right; Sukkiri, すっきり made by Shibamoto at Makinohara, Shizuoka

Both tea were made in non-chemical
Both tea masters were young and repeat try and error
Both tea had flower scent and fresh

I felt that Tuge-cha was better balance than Sukkiri
and felt sore throat in Sukkiri
Thank you Kajiwara and Shibamoto 


Shibamoto Oolong tea

Yabu Yagi Oolong tea
Tea leaves are Yabukita
Shibamoto made tea leaves with nunny goat named Sakura
Sakura eat the grass of tea farm
and her feces are used as compost

Today, I brewed the tea for me
I felt this oolong tea as green tea
while I felt flower scent
I could not felt flower at the time brewing for my friends

Thank you Shibamoto 


Sencha tea

I brewed sencha tea without Kyusu, Japanese tea pot
I put the tea leaves in a tea cup
and poured water at room tempreture
Then, we sipped tea 
We had tea essence

She touched the tea leaves
and said that it was very soft !!
 I didn't have that idea
Tea leaves was Iori by Suieien

 We had dinner with pu'er tea

Thank you Kaorin
Thank you Daijiro 


Sencha tea


I am going to propose brewing sencha tea without tea pot
While I brew tea with Kyusu, Japanese tea pot
I like Banko Kyusu


Sencha tea

made by Suiseien
at Ryokouti, Shizuoka
The tea slipped into my body well
Thank you Daijiro 

Sencha tea

 left ; Yutaka , right ; Iori
 at Ruokouti, Shizuoka
I felt more Umami, taste of amino acid, in Yutaka than Iori
and felt blue sky and green wind from both
Now, I think about to get spirit of tea
I select Iori, because Iori have little Umami

And I am going to bring the mind
laurels and capsicums
from Ryokouti
Thank you Daijiro



I went to the meeting for victims of Fukushima nuclear accident
She is the tea master of tea ceremony at Souma
Souma was suffered Tsunami large damage
and radiation damage caused
She refuged to Shizuoka
with several tea wears and tea whisks
and other tea set, hanging scroll, kimono, tea wear…, leaved in Souma

She has Obori pottery
Tsunami washed out the kiln 
Nevertheless she has tea everyday

I and my tea friend were taught her tea brewing

and brewed own tea
My friend brewed sencha tea

I brewed pan fried tea of Shibamoto

We made Ono-kun
Thank you for Yu and all


Serving tea

I served Shibamoto's tea for tea sellers at the event of Tea industry association
I am not professional
So, I brewed slowly, carefully
and smily !!
I called in customers and he explained his tea
It was good that he told about tea

I had rest with his tea at the backyard
Thanks Shibamoto


Pan fried tea

“ Kotteri ” pan fried tea is made by Shibamoto
I am going to brew this tea for tea sellers
I feel uneasy…

I believe the power of the tea