Matcha with Katsura tree

Leaves of Katsura tree fell
These withered leaves smelled very sweet !!
but living leaves does not smell


Tea trip

I went to pick tea leaves at the foot of Mt.Fuji with Mr.Shibamoto
This tea was the pan fried tea by him

So, tea leaves used for White tea
Today's Mt.Fuji was cloud covered

  At Akiyama tea estate, some vegetables were cultivated

The Taros were specialty !!

Taros were pealed with this machine

I had vegetables with Tonjiru, miso soup
Thank you for all


Pu'er black tea

Today, I brewed strong
And very good (^^)
Pu' er blask tea by pu-er.com


Wakocha, Yamagiri

Wakocha, Yamegiri
mede by Mr.Sano
from Umegashima, Shizuoka

Sencha tea

A cup of Kuki-tea, Sencha tea which is used stems of tea trees
by Mr.Saito from Nishimata, Shizuoka


Sencha tea

It's Autumn
A cup of sencha tea by Mr.Saitoi from Nishimata, Shizuoka



Sencha tea by Mr.Saito from Nishimata, Shizuoka
This tea leaves were consisted of stems
Mr.Saito keeps the soil that does not put nitrogen
Though I felt Umami tste


Pu' er black tea

Pu' er black tea from Mt. Mansa, 漫撒山
by puer-cha .com
The scene remained after drinking


Tori no Ichi

 "Tori no ichi" is an open-market fair held at Hanazono-jinja Shrine, Shinjuku, Tokyo
around the country on the Days of the Cock in November every year

 On the days of 'Tori no ichi,' stalls selling 'Engi-kumade' decorated with lucky charms that bring in good fortune such as okame

 I got the sweets, Kiri-Sanshou, 切り山椒 that like soft rice cakes
I had it with Pu'er tea from 弯弓, Wangong

Thank you



Wakocha, Japanese black tea with Emuni
From upper left
Kuma tea estate, Benifuki
Mr.Kajiwara, Benifuki
Kureha, Benikanbai
Kureha, Kitsuki
Kureha, Minamisatsuma
Mr.Shibamoto, Benifuki
Kureha, Sayaka from Kitsuki
Kureha, Benifuki by Mr.Iwata
Mr.Fumoto, Sayama

Thank you for all !!