Takao, Kyoto

I went to Kosan-ji temple, 高山寺 in Kyoto
Saint Meikei, 明恵上人 started this temple

Eizai zen master, 栄西禅師 brought back seeds of cha 
from Sung to Saint Meikei
It is said that here is the oldest tea garden in Japan
But, I see new age tree of cha

I felt that the temple was very simple
I like the simple 

Thank you my friend


Tea pot from Poland !!

I am very glad to get the tea pot from Poland !!
The tea pot made by Aneta Zatyka
The knob of pot is easy to use
I brew green tea of Mr.Shibamoto
Thank you, very lovely



Mr.Shibamoto in Poland !!

21 stycznia (czwartek) o godz. 18.00
i 23 stycznia (sobota) o godz. 16.00
w ONGGI odbędzie się prezentacja
ręcznie robionych herbat Pana Toshifumi Shibamoto.
Przewidywane dodatkowe niespodzianki.
Zainteresowanych prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny:
22 551 01 11
Ilość miejsc ograniczona!


To Poland

Mr.Shibamoto is going to Poland and France
We had the farewell party !!
Please look after him
for my best friend


Japanese black tea, Wakocha

The other day, I had the new year tea party with my tea friends
Today, I looked back these teas
I asked Mr.Okamoto to select intresting teas in 2015
from left, Tsukigase 1st.Jonokuchi, Tsukigase benihomare, Ashikita spring tea,
Tsukigase benihikari, Tsukigase yamamidori, Minamisatsuma 1st.
Minamisatsuma benihikari, Ureshino saemidori, Ureshino Fuzikaori,
Kitsuki soufu and more
 Ashikita spring tea; the best in these teas
Flowery scent passed
Minamisatsuma1st.; I knew this tea, completed heavy body, few years ago
this time, the tea added flower scent
I felt the evolution !!
Tsukigase tea; I think that Mr.Okamoto like this teas
like pretty flower
Benihikari of Tsukigase and Minamisatsuma,
I felt poultice in both tea (^^)
Tsukigase yamamidori; we thought about green tea leaves
I felt green that is bad taste
When we had dinner with yamamidori tea, we felt flowery
We hard to feel the goodness of green tea leaves
Ureshino saemidori tea leaves were reaped with machine, 
and chewed by planthoppers
We felt honey
and we thought that if planthoppers chewed leaves, process did not matter ??

very very intresting !!
Thanks for Mr.Okamoto and all


Shibamoto green tea

Mr.Shibamoto is going to France and Poland
I examined the water to brew Mr.Shibamoto's green tea 
at these countries with my tea friends
We compared hard and soft water

The goodness of his pan fried tea is simple
I like this green tea that made from Yabukita
Brewing with hard water, the badness of the tea was moderate
and goodness was suppressed
I like more soft water (#^^#)

New year Kagami mochi
The round rice-cake offered to god of the sun

We had the new year tea party !!
Fifteen types of Japanese black tea and his green tea

Mr.Shibamoto's tea estate
Tea leaves were Inzatsu, 印雑
In furrow, there were radishes

Thanks radish !!

Thanks Mr.Shibamoto


Happy New year !!

It is a fine day
blooming plum blossoms

sencha from Umegashima


Mochi pounding for New Year

Mochi pounding , one of the ready for New Year

Mochi pounding by grandma and her sun
and cutting is the work of grandpa

Around the stove, the family get together

the other family pounded mochi, too

The yong brothers were working !!

Using stove, glutinous rice was steamed

Thsnk you for all


Hoji cha ; roasted green tea

Last night, I had quiet and vivid raw puer tea
  then, quiet and spectacular puer black tea
Now,  I had hoji cha
The tea straight into my body ^^