The tea party

I joined the tea party of "Yamagiri no Kaori".
We examined whether jumping is required?
Three types of hot water were prepared.
1) At 85 Celsius, small little bubbles.
2) At 95 Celsius, lots of big bubbles.
3) At 95-100 Celsius, it continued to boil for 2 minutes.
Furthermore, we compared the taste of the glass pot and the silver pot.
Tea leaves of 2) were the most open.
We observed jumping at 2).

We felt that 1) was mild,
2) was the best but felt green leaves,
3) was bitter.
 And the glass pot was more good than the silver pot.
And my fiend offered many chinese teas.
Thank you for all.



A strawberry floating in a cup of tea.
This tea is made by Houkou tea estate/豊好園.
And dried strawberry is made by Unno farm/海野農園.
The tea estate cooperats with the farmer.


Sweet poteto and Sencha tea

Today, I had poteto.
I like sweet poteto that called Daigaku-Imo/大学芋.
Daigaku-Imo is made by frying and dipping with syrup.
This sencha tea was made by Takanashi tea estate,Kanagawa.
I bought poteto the shop in the neighborhood.
The shop,Imo-ya/いも哉 , sell three types poteto cakes.
From left,Imo-kenpi ,Daigaku-imo and sweet poteto.


Nirgiris tea

Under the strong sun shine ,the glass appeared bright gold.
This tea was Nirgiris tea.


I love this glass.
Today, I had "Yamagiri no kaori" , Wakocha,Japanese black tea.


Pan fried tea

I had a cup of pan fried tea/釜炒り茶.
I love this glass.
This tea was made in Kumamoto.



I had Nodate/野点 at Koishikawa park.
This new tea wear was Kutani/九谷.
I felt that the tea wear fitted with wood like artifact ,but not tree like natural object.
This tea was made by Kuma-en/くま園 ,Yame/八女.



It became cool and it was near Autumn.
I had a cup of milk tea of Bancha.
 The tea leaves were used for stems.
The stems were matured for three years.
I bought the tea at Tafu-koushun-en/向布春向園.



I like Bancha tea.
The tea leaves were used bottom of  trees in Autumn.
So, Thses leaves were cheap.
But The taste was best.
Tea leaves look like  fallen leaves.
This tea was called Bunpuku Kamacha ,Moriuchi tea etstate.



This year's "Yamagiri no Kaori" ,Japanese black tea
in Umegashima,Shizuoka, was very good.
The scent was higher than last year's tea.
The leaves were beautiful !!
This rakugans were made with the tea leaves of"Yamagiri no Kaori."
Rakugans were dry confection of starch and sugar.
These were made by "wagashi asobi".


Tea party

I had great tea at the tea party.
The tea  was pan fired tea which was made by Shiiba village ,Miyazaki.
Tea leaves were used native species.



This tea is called Warashina tea.
The taste was so simple and likes Hoiji-tea.
 This leaves are made by Mr.Saito who also made yesterday's tea leaves.
Umm... , I like yesterday's tea.



I got tea leaves of preproduction.
This tea was very good.
Taste and scent were basic ,but the quality was so high.
Dry leaves has pungent scent.
The appearance was basic.
This tea was made by Mr.Saito at Honyama ,Shizuoka.
These were carefully and organically grown.
I hope to challenge the tea  in the future.


Wakocha at Umegashima

This tea is called Yamagiri no Kaori /山霧りの香り that was made in Umegashima.
This year's tea was so good.
I had Wakocha, Japanese black rea, at Abe river in Umegashima, Shizuoka.
And I bought a root of Wasabi.
I had sashimi ,sliced raw fish, with Wasabi.
And I swung to have Oolong tea at Moriuchi tea estate.
Thank you for all.