Pan fried tea/釜炒り茶

I like pan fried tea.

This tea leaves are Benifuki/紅ふうき made by Moriuchi tea estate in Uchimaki,Shizuoka.
And thses leaves are used the leaves in 2011 autumn.
It is called Bancha tea/番茶.

I was cared by this tea.


New year tea

I also had new year tea today.
This tea is called 'Oohashiri/大走り'.

This tea leaves were cultivated outdoors.
Then the taste was pure.
Not sweet,not discordant flavors.

I bought by Nishikien.

It was beaytiful green !


New year tea

I also had 2012 new year tea today.
I bought by Nishiki-en/錦園 in Shizuoka.

This tea leaves was grown outdoors and picked up by hand at Mariko/丸子 in Shizuoka. 
Thses are beautiful leaves.


Tea party with Rock essence tea

I took part the tea party of Mr.Kodomari with Rock essence teas.
My best was ShuiShein/水仙.


New year tea !

Today, I got 2012 new year tea !

First impression, so sweet scent.
This leaves are Fukamushi tea.

This tea was made by Hamasa-en/浜佐園 in Shizuoka.

Beautiful green tea leaves.
Thank you for new tea.



I bought a Gaiwan at Chinese tea shop,Koumechasou/小梅茶荘.
This was made in Jingdezhen/景徳鎮.
I think that this gaiwan is used for new year sencha tea .

I tried to brew sencha tea with the gaiwan.
This tea leaves were made by Sansuien/山水園 in Tochizawa,Shizuoka ,last year.

I was looking for Japanese tea sets, Shiboridashi and Houhin.
But they were too deep depth and too expensive.
The Gaiwan was easy to brew Gyokuro/玉露 and so Kawaii.

I am waiting new year tea !


Oolong tea

I had Donding Oolong Tea,that made by Mr.Ryu/劉 in Nan-tou sikatanikyou svg./南投縣鹿谷郷.

I bought at Koume-cha-sou/小梅茶荘 in Ningyou town,Tokyo.

This leaves were winter tea leaves in 2011.
It was  light yellow and so sweet.



I had sencha tea that was made by Katou tea estate in Makinohara,Shizuoka.
I bought this tea leaves in the tea ceremony.
This leaves are Fukamushi tea which was deep steamed .


herb tea

I had a cup of herb tea at Nodate.
This tea leaves was consisted of chamomaile,CTC tea leaves and sugar.
I bought by Mr.Onishi,teteria .



I bought this tea last fall.
At that time ,I can not have any taste .
But,it was very good today !
This tea was made by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara,Shizuoka.


Tea party under cherry blossoms

Sorry, I took only bad pictures .
But , I had very happy tea party under cherry blossoms !
This tea was Darjeeling tea to dilute with soda .
Tonight, I brought in tea party of Mr.Kumazaki ,tea blender at Takata-no-Baba.
I had Wakocha,Japanese black tea ,Tukigase/月ヶ瀬 and Kitsuki/杵築.

It was the potluck party, so we brought sweets ,sakura-mochi,Otabe,Karintou and more.



I had sencha tea ,called 'Jukusei-cha' that was made in Umegashima,Shizuoka.

With stems of Wasabi.
This Wasabi have got by my friend in Umegashima. 


Tea journey in Umegashima /梅が島

I went to Umegashima again.
I stayed at Kusagiri.

In Umegashima is n the mountain area and it  produce tea.

I had sencha tea at Irori/囲炉裏 ,sit around the fire.

I love Umegashima.


Tea party at Makinohara /牧之原

I had the tea party of Takeuchi tea estate at Makinohara,Shizuoka.
I brewed milk tea of Kimon tea/紀文紅茶.

I had sencha tea of Katou tea estate.
This tea was so clear scent.

The tea party was community-based.

It was done at Saimyou temple/最明寺.
Thank you for all.


Cherry cherry cherry !

On the way home , I got cherry trees.
To my surprise, the house had cut cherry trees.
I arranged cherry blossoms with Matcha tea.
I got this bamboo vase at Umegashima/梅が島.

This tea pot ,the lid had broken.
It can be reused as flower vase !



It was warm today.
In Tokyo,the cherry blossoms were in bloom at once.
I picked up flowers.
This matcha was made by Ippodo in Kyoto.


Sencha tea

I had sencha tea of Jukusei-cha in Umegashima,Shizuoka.
Today,I brewed at low tempreture.
So,the taste was sweet and clear.



I had sencha tea of Takanashi tea estate in Kanagawa today.
Soon, it will be new tea season.I hope to have good tea this year.



I made the porch to go for Nodate/野点 ,open-air tea ceremony.
This tea was made by Ippodo in Kyoto.

Oh, just size!

The sencha tea set

The chinese tea set is also fit.

Let's go to the open air with my tea set !