Tsukigase black tea

I felt that this leaves were bud by planthoppers
and felt menthol
This black tea was great !!
by Mr.Iwata
Tea leaves were Benihikari
at Tsukigase, Nara

Roasted sencha tea

Roasted sencha tea
by Mr.Saito
at Nishimata, Shizuoka


Making Japanese black tea

We made black tea
from left Mr.M, Mr.Watanabe and me

Tea leaves were Benifuki
at Nishimata, Shizuoka

I did wilted in room of Hotel at 30℃
Mr.M and Mr.Watanabe did at mountain

rolling, my tea leaves

I miss the way of fermented

Mr.M and Mr.Watanabe fermented at shade and through wind

Special thanks for Mr.Saito

and I dried leaves under the sun

My tea leaves
faulty fermented !!

Thank you for all ♥


Sencha tea

Scent like Umegashima
Tea leaves are N25
by Mr.Saito
at Nishimata, Shizuoka


Japanese white tea

I made white tea

with Mr.Shibamoto
at Makinohara, Shizuoka

tea leaves were Yamakai

We picked up tea leaves by hands

and tea leaves were dried

Thank you Mr.Shibamoto


Shibamoto white tea

very fruity white tea
by Mr.Shibamoto
tea leaves are Yamakai
at Makinohara, Shizuoka


Japanese white tea

White tea
by Mr.Sato
at Morokozawa, Shizuoka
tea leaves are Kogane midori
He always does a careful job


Japanese oriental beauty 2016

 Mr.Watanabe made Japanese oriental beauty
 tea leaves were Inzatsu

 at Nishimata, Shizuoka

left ; Inzatsu oriental beauty
right ; Tsuyuhikari light fermented tea

Thank you for all