Sencha tea

 This sencha tea was made by Mr.Saito at Honyama, Shizuoka.
The taste was deep.
It was just Shizuoka tea.
 This tea was organic tea.
 I felt very good.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

 The Sencha tea was made by Houkou tea estate in Shizuoka.
The name of cultivar is So-Fu/蒼風.
This tea leaves have the discriminative flavor.
Thank you Mr.Katahira.


Used tea leaves

I mixed Wasabi-miso and used tea leaves.
Miso is soybean paste.
Wasabi is Japanese horse-radish from Umegashima, Shizuoka.
I used tea leaves ,Fukuju by Sansui tea estate.
Wasabi, Miso and tea leaves were good.


Sencha tea

Wasabi and Sencha tea from Umegashima.
I cooked Wasabi with Mirin and Sho-yu.
The sencha tea was matured for six months from May.


Wakocha at Umegashima

Then I climed up to Umegashima.
I had tea with Mr.Sano who made tea, Yamagiri no Kaori.
We had Yamagiri no Kaori and Darjeeling Seeyok tea estate 1st.
Thank you.


I went to Shizunami beach in Makinohara, Shizuoka.
And I had a cup of Oolong tea that made by Yamasen.

I love Nodate at sea.


Pan fried tea

 A cup of pan fried tea of Moriuchi tea estate.
The scent liked flower.

The cultivar name is Saemidori.


Sencha tea

I had sencha tea of Kuma tea estate in Yame, Fukuoka.
This tea leaves are Fukamushi,deep steamed tea, cultivar name is Asatsuyu.
Color of tea was vivid green and I get power.
Thank you.


Milk tea of Benihikari.
I had milk tea of Yesterday's Benihikari.
As I thought,this tea was good for milk.



 Benihikari,the cultivar name for black tea.
By Nejime Saryou in Kagoshima. 

This tea is high quality,but little is known.



Yama no Houju/山の宝珠
This black tea was made by Hamasaen in Shizuoka.
The spicies are Saemidori and Yabukita.
Because fermentation was shallow , I felt Oolong tea.



Koshun premium 1st.
Koshun/香駿 is the name of cultivar.
I bought this tea leaves at Sakura.
And made by Mr.Masui in Kawane,Shizuoka.
The taste was so womanly.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

 This sencha tea is the cultivar, Koushun/香駿 by Houkouen in Shizuoka.
I enjoied the scent of Koushun at high tempreture, about 80°.
Thank you.


Iitate madeleine

This madeleine was made by women farmers of Iitate village/飯舘村.
Now,they can not live in Iitate village,
because Iitate was polluted by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
They put and breed seeds of pumpkin in the place of refuge.
The madeleine names "Iitate snow girl".
By Mother's power project.
I had this sweets with sencha tea ,Daikan of Takeuchi tea estate in Shizuoka.
Thank you for all.


Dashboard cafe

The dashboard cafe open !!
At Nakai parking in Tomei highway.
Today's tea was harb tea of Tafukoushun-en.
The tea consisted of rooibos+ lemongrass +rose hip.



This Wakocha, Japanese black tea, was very good.
This specie is Benifuki/べにふうき.
And made by Moriuchi tea estate in Shizuoka.


Sencha tea

I also went to Nihonmats in Fukushima.
This  high-grade Japanese fresh confections was made by Tamashimaya in Nihonmatsu.
It likes a camellia flower.
With sencha tea of Umegashima ,Shizuoka.


Thank you for the tableware shop

My favorite tableware shop will close.It's a shame.
Then I decide to gift a picture.
This picture is gathered tea picts of the shop's cup.
Thank you Marufuku.


Sencha tea

 This tea was matured sencha tea at Umegashima,Shizuoka.
The tea leaves were took at this Spring.
Then these leaves stored 6 months.
The taste was so deep and clear.
The tea color was yellowish green.
So beautiful !
Thank you.