by Iwata tea estate, tsukigase, Nara
I purchased at Creha

 I brewed black tea with plenty of hot water
It is the technique to brew with full affection

Sencha tea

by Moriuti tea estate, Utimaki, Shizuoka

I heard that Umami (Amino acid ) taste was strong
Then I brewed shallow

I could not feel Umami
I feel refreshed !!

Today and Tomorrow, I have no plans
 I want to have tea as many as possible
and respond to requests


Sencha tea

made by Akiyama at Fuji, Shizuoka

I brewed sencha tea after a long time
I had one after another
The tea soak into my body
I felt very good !!


Comet lovejoy

 Now, comet lovejoy is approaching
I was able to watch it !!
at Makinohara, Shizuoka

yi wu huang ye da bing

 S interest in pu'er tea
as pan fried tea
He felt rough of throat
and said that it was feature of pan fried tea

We had pu'er tea
until the moon sets

Thank you ♥



Japanese black tea
made by Sano, Umegashima, Shizuoka
tea leaves are Okuhikari 2014

This year, Mr.Sano did not sell own black tea
The other day, When I went to Umegashima, I received his different tea leaves
The tea leaves were not good
This tea leaves were good as well as 2012
and beautiful !!

I wonder that he did not give me this tea leaves at September
I have not been trusted to him
Let's go Umegashima more and more !!


Spring has come

Man Sa black tea

It was very cold day
The plum began blooming

I write this blog as feeling one's eye
The winter is over, he back to his place
so lonly
But the new year tea season come
I am looking forward to it
thank you


Sencha tea

I joined the meeting of Fukushima at Shizuoka
I served tea for the victims of the nuclear disaster

Today, New Year's visit to Sengen shrine
We went up the shrine
then Mt.Fuji was appeared !!

Effect of low level radiation is not clear
Because the families with small kid feel
they left Fukushima
And they can not return 

They feel think to be sorry for people who left in Fukushima

I prayed for the happiness and health of them
and reconstruction of Tohoku
Thank you for all


Roasted tea

Anxi Tie Guan Yin

 My tea friend brought in and Shibamoto roasted
at the new year tea party 

Shibamoto roasted hard
But, tea leaves still greenish
The first was mixed green and roasted scent
Thank you H. and Shibamoto

Roasted tea

Feng huang Don cong

My tea friend charcoal roasted at the new year party
He roasted carefully

Nevertheless he burned a moment
It was Carbonization !?
But I felt very good
Thank you M.

Roasted oolong tea

Oolong tea
made by Shibamoto with Sakura-san ( his nunny goat )
tea leaves were Yabukita
He roasted at the new year party
I got powder leaves after sieve

It became refreshed and simply taste
I like the tea of the forth
from folling out roasted scent
sorry !!

Now, I brew with cold water
Happy Saturday


Oriental beauty

Oriental beauty, 青心大冇 2012
Chin Shin Dah Pan
made by Watanabe at Taiwan

Watanabe said that the generous amount of tea leaves may be brewed at low tempreture
because the tea leaves have a little taste
Now, I am brewing the tea by trial and error

Pu'er tea

 yi wu huang ye da bing

I felt the clear scent, the same as the Oriental beauty

Now, I think the tea, which I am going to brew this week end
It is good that much scent, clear and sense of security


Oriental beauty

Oriental beauty 2009
made by 林和春、Taoyuan、Taiwan
I got from Watanabe at last Autumn

The tea was light
At the New year paty, I was taught heavy honey scent
I prefer the tea of Watanabe to this tea
Thank you


Oriental beauty

Chin Shin Dah Pan
made by Watanabe at Taiwan

( pic; Saemidori, at Mariko, Shizuoka, 2014 )
 I like the approach that Watanabe faced to tea leaves

I beliebe that tea culture born from love for tea
 Thank you


New year tea party

 Pan fried green tea made by Shibamoto
静(Shizu)7132 at May, 2013

 and Roasting at 10. January.2015
by electric roasting

I joined the new year tea party for roasting
Last year we made teas respectively
At the party, we brought eash teas, which were not good
I roasted the black tea by Sano, Umegashima, Shizuoka
  In the room, it was the electric roasting
Shibamoto recorded all data minutely
 pan fried tea, the greenish Anxi Tie Guan Yin and  Japanese black tea

 In outdoor, it was charcoal roasting
Xi xing black tea, Yabukita Oolong tea and Dong ding oolong tea

We had lunch and dinner
and the roasted tea at regular time intervals

 and tea more and more

Following last year, this year may also make oriental beauty
Then, we had many oriental beauties
Thank you for all !!


Pu'er tea

zhong cha 3917 tuo cha

Recentry, I have the tea with my family
The first, I felt severe
Now, my son like it
I think so too

Sorry, I do not know how to have Chinese tea
My way is often a mistake


White tea

White tea made by Shibamoto
at 24. Nov. 2014
Tea leaves were Benifuji from Akiyama tea estate, Fuji, Shizuoka
I joined to pick the tea leaves

I surprised the looks and honey scent
While, I felt bad banana

 Shibamoto is going to try white tea with this spring leaves
Thank you !!


White tea

 White tea made by Shibamoto at Jun, 2014
Shizu 7132 ( 静7132 ), small bud

Shizu 7132 is a name of plant varieties
That's sencha tea have scent like cherry leaves
 This tea leaves was a banana that I think it not good
Also a cup of tea was a banana

White tea at 28, Nov,2014 is better than this tea
He is going to try and error
Go fot it !!


White tea

shou mei lao cha

My son recovered from infruenza
He only can eat ochazuke, rice with tea
Then I brewed him the white tea

White tea is gentle for illness


White tea

shou mei lao cha
I like the soft and warm tea, which I feel body tempreture
 Recentry, it is the pan fried tea by Shibamoto
I felt the tempreture in this tea
And I like the tea (^ ^)
While, I got the organic 寿眉 2013 from my tea friend
I felt that my friend's tea was a little fermentation
Although it was good, I can not feel the tempreture

Since I had continued to have many teas during New year days , I am happy
Thank you for all