I bought a Gaiwan at Chinese tea shop,Koumechasou/小梅茶荘.
This was made in Jingdezhen/景徳鎮.
I think that this gaiwan is used for new year sencha tea .

I tried to brew sencha tea with the gaiwan.
This tea leaves were made by Sansuien/山水園 in Tochizawa,Shizuoka ,last year.

I was looking for Japanese tea sets, Shiboridashi and Houhin.
But they were too deep depth and too expensive.
The Gaiwan was easy to brew Gyokuro/玉露 and so Kawaii.

I am waiting new year tea !


  1. Very elegant set, Suusan.
    There is a fashion now for more high shiboridashi I heard. Is it truth? I wonder why? I use shiboridashi quite flat just becuse I wanna get such a view like you have in your new gaiwan.
    Good Brewings, andrzej

  2. I wanted a Shiboridashi of Ms.Uchiyama.
    But,the Shiboridashi was too expensive.
    This gaiwan was lower prices than Japanese tea set.
    Thank you andrzej.