Sencha tea at Tochizawa/ 栃沢

I went to have sencha tea at Sansui tea estate/ 山水園.
At 3rd February, it was Setsubun.
 Setsubun means “the day between two seasons”.
People celebrate Setsubun with Hiiragi-iwashi and beans.
 Hiiragi-iwashi is a holly sprig with a baked sardine's head.
People put Hiiragi-iwashi at their door on Setsubun to ward off evil spirits.

The tea was "Drop of Mist/ 霧の露"
Beautiful green leaves.
Sansui tea estate is in in Tochizawa, Shizioka.
And we went to Ooma/ 大間.
At the veranda, we had tea ,rice cake and more.
Japanese afternoon tea.
 Thank you for all.

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