New year tea party

 Pan fried green tea made by Shibamoto
静(Shizu)7132 at May, 2013

 and Roasting at 10. January.2015
by electric roasting

I joined the new year tea party for roasting
Last year we made teas respectively
At the party, we brought eash teas, which were not good
I roasted the black tea by Sano, Umegashima, Shizuoka
  In the room, it was the electric roasting
Shibamoto recorded all data minutely
 pan fried tea, the greenish Anxi Tie Guan Yin and  Japanese black tea

 In outdoor, it was charcoal roasting
Xi xing black tea, Yabukita Oolong tea and Dong ding oolong tea

We had lunch and dinner
and the roasted tea at regular time intervals

 and tea more and more

Following last year, this year may also make oriental beauty
Then, we had many oriental beauties
Thank you for all !!

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