Making black tea

I joined to make black tea

Tea leaves were benifuuki
Left; rolling time 1hr, fermentation in the chamber
Center; rolling time 1.5hr, fermentation in the chamber
Right; rolling time 1.5hr, fermentation out of the chamber

at National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Kanaya, Shizuoka
We picked up tea leaves by hands

Tea leaves lie thin on the shelfs

The end of witherting
 Water content reduced 47%

Rolling time was 1hr or 1.5hr

The end of rolling

Fermentation at the chamber or out of the chamber

The end of fermantation
And dried

I felt all tea floral and soft
Rolling time 1.5hr were bitter
while 1hr was little greenish
I like 1hr as floral

Fermentatio in the chamber or out of the chamber
I like out of the chamber
I felt more soft and warm

I think that witherting was too hard ??
Core water can not drain ??

These are the spring tea
Thank you for all

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