Shibamoto green tea

Mr.Shibamoto is going to France and Poland
I examined the water to brew Mr.Shibamoto's green tea 
at these countries with my tea friends
We compared hard and soft water

The goodness of his pan fried tea is simple
I like this green tea that made from Yabukita
Brewing with hard water, the badness of the tea was moderate
and goodness was suppressed
I like more soft water (#^^#)

New year Kagami mochi
The round rice-cake offered to god of the sun

We had the new year tea party !!
Fifteen types of Japanese black tea and his green tea

Mr.Shibamoto's tea estate
Tea leaves were Inzatsu, 印雑
In furrow, there were radishes

Thanks radish !!

Thanks Mr.Shibamoto

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