Making my black tea at Umegashima

I made black tea at Umegashima, Shizuoka
I picked up tea leaves at Higashimine
This location was sunny all day
During witherling, tea leaves were dry too
I failed,,,

Then, I try to make tea again at Higashimine
I picked tea leaves at AM5:00
It was cool and the location was shade

And I made from Kurasawa leaves
Kurasawa had good science

Mr.Sano proposed to make tea with his Okuhikari leaves 
He taught me how to make black tea !!
 for left ;
at Sinden, tea leaves were Okuhijari
at Higashimene, witherling onr night, soft rolling
at kusaki, tea leaves were Kurasawa; Kurasawa was good science
at Sinden, made by Mr.Sano, Okuhikari, good science
upper ;
at Higashimine, I failed to witherl, tea leaves were over dry
and at Kusaki, tea leaves were Kurasawa
Thank you for all ♥

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