Okowa with Wakocha

I had Okowa ,steamed rice , with Wakocha.
This Okowa is called Kaitaku okowa /開拓おこわ and made by Hirata-ya in Koriyama,Fukushima.
Wakocha is made by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara,Shizuoka.
Koriyama was poor watered area.
In the Edo period ,the canal project was done to draw water from Lake Inawashiro beyond the mountains.
 A total of 850,000 people involved, and spent three years.
This Okowa was made with the pain.


  1. What is the rice snack made of other than rice? It looks so sumptious and tasty.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely experiences.

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Okowa is made by steaming gutinous rice.
    On the other hand,a rice cake /餅 is steamed gutinous rice and pound into cake.
    I like both.