Tea journey in Umegashima

Umegashima /梅が島 ,Shizuoka is the area of production for tea.
It is located high above sea level.
I went to Umegashima with my friend.

This Wakocha is called "Yamagiri no Kaori /Scent of mountain fog "
We had a cup of tea at Sano tea estate.

And We went to Akiyama tea estate that made sencha tea called Jukusei-cha /熟成茶.
Jukusei-cha is aging tea.

We had Wakocha ,Oolong tea and sencha at Moriuchi tea estate .

The next day, it was clear.
This is Umegashima tea farms and cherry.

The day ,We around Honyama/本山 and Okabe/岡部.
This pan fried green tea called kouju/香寿.

And Yamano Houshu,Wakocha.

It was the tea farm of Yamano Houshu.

The last ,We went to Sansui tea estate.
Thank you for all.

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