The tea party

I joined the tea party of "Yamagiri no Kaori".
We examined whether jumping is required?
Three types of hot water were prepared.
1) At 85 Celsius, small little bubbles.
2) At 95 Celsius, lots of big bubbles.
3) At 95-100 Celsius, it continued to boil for 2 minutes.
Furthermore, we compared the taste of the glass pot and the silver pot.
Tea leaves of 2) were the most open.
We observed jumping at 2).

We felt that 1) was mild,
2) was the best but felt green leaves,
3) was bitter.
 And the glass pot was more good than the silver pot.
And my fiend offered many chinese teas.
Thank you for all.


  1. Thank you Phillippe.
    I like the tea party with many people.
    I wish to have tea with Phillippe!!