Making Japanese Oolong tea

I joined to make Oolong tea
Tea picking at Nishimata, Shizuoka
The center mountain in this picture is Mt.Fuji

Tea leaves were Saemidori

Withering under the sun about 3hours and in the room about 3hours
and tea leaves mix with hands every 2 hours
Tea master, Mr.Watanabe withered firmly

The scent like banana

Fixation has been also firmly

Mr.Niroku worried us ^^

 Saemidori Oolong tea

likes flower tea

 Thank you great concern and meals, morning, lunch and dinner
for Mr.Niroku


  1. very interesting! I've never had Japanese oolong tea!

  2. Sarah, Thank you for your comment
    Recentry, farmers who make a fermented tea has been increasing
    However, Japanese farmers use the tea factory line and tea leaves of green tea.
    So,I feel good teas are little.
    At Nishimata, the nitrogen closed to zero in the soil.
    Mr.Watanabe aims to best fermented tea !!