Pu' er tea

 I am going to pu' er tea party of puer-cha.com
In this year, I joined some making tea leaves
But, I can not distinguish whether good or bad tea leaves
I can not understand that tea stuck in the throat
I can not feel that tea scratch in the throat
I sometimes feel good tea leaves, while another times I feel bad the tea leaves
When I made the tea, I can not answer whether the tea is good or bad
Next tea season, I am going to join making tea more and more
Until next season, I want to study how to watch tea leaves
Then I am going to pu'er tea party by Mr.Fujimoto

I feel that this tea leaves were very good
The scent was special
I can only say that the scent can not arise from Japanese tea leaves
But I can not explane the reason
I have little words for tea

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