Makinohara tea trip

I went to make green tea with my friend
We picked up tea leaves
Tea leaves were 静7132, Shizu 7132 which was used for sencha tea
and had scent of sakura leaves

There was the big tea factory near the tea plantation
We dropped in
Tea master of Fukamushi sencha, deep steamed sencha, 
brewed sencha for us !!
It was Haiken, 拝見 that mean tea tasting
In new year tea season, this factory get a lot of raw tea leaves
from many tea plantations

The tea plantation of Mr.Shibamoto was near the sea
we made pan fried tea

Dinner time !!

 Left; 10/29 last week
made by Mr.Shibamoto and I
I feel green, but I like this tea
Tea leaves size are same
Right; 11/3 this time
I feel fire and bodied Tea leaves are big or small

I like both green teas

Thank you for my friends


  1. ありがとうございました。素晴らしい体験でした。しかもお茶が絶品ーうまい。

  2. こちらこそ、ありがとうございました (^^)/

  3. うらやましい!すごくいい体験だそうです。ああいうお茶飲みたい。

  4. Patrickさん、ありがとうございます