Radiation contamination of tea

On March 11, 2011, large parts of the city were destroyed by the tsunami which followed the Tōhoku earthquake.
On March 15,Fukushima  Dai-ichi nuclear power plant exploded and radiation diffuse.
In Shizuoka,radiation were  detected from tea leaves.
Many tea farms disposed thier tea leaves.

Japanese Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare announced the new criteria of radiation of tea,on Dec 22.2011.
The following 10Bq / 1000 cc as drinking.
But, the method for brewing tea is not shown.
This is less than 600 Bq / kg as unprocessed tea.
In short, instead of stricter standards, has changed little.

I think that the first plucked tea contaminated radiation but the second, the third decrease .
So, in 2012, new leaves will be less radiation.

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