Great East Japan Earthquake

On 11 March 2011at 14:46 ,the 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake occurred
 at East Japan.
At the time,I worked in the pharmacy at Shinjuku,Tokyo.
All the drugs fell from the shelfs.
I am pharmacist.
So,I went to support the medical treatment to Kesennuma/気仙沼 ,Miyagi/宮城.
This was temporary clinic's pharmacy at Oshima ,Kesennuma.
This drug was warfarin that was suffered the tsunami.
Tunami carried to land the big ships.
Oil tanks were washed away by the tsunami, the sea was on fire.
Tsunami, all flows.
At Shishiori/鹿折 in Kesennuma ,fire occurred.
Lily bells in devastated land.
 I pray for the reconstruct Tohoku.

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