Bean-Scattering Festival

February 3 is Setsubun/節分,Bean-Scattering Festival.
I went to Ningyo town/人形町 for touring of the seven shrines.
This shrine is Chanoki Shrine/ 茶の木神社 that celebrate Hotei-son.
Hotei is worshiped as a god of luck, matchmaking, and blessing with children.
People eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for good health.
People scatter beans to drive away evil and bring in good luck.
This beans of Koami Shrine.
With Tamaryoku-cha/玉緑茶.
Tamaryoku-cha is Klin-dried tea.
This tea is made by Mr,Ota at Ureshino,Saga.
The leaves are native species.
Fine klin-dried tea is rare.


  1. Looks like a great tea. Please could you tell us about the flavor of the tea.
    Than you.

  2. Hello Ms.Edward
    Tamaryokucha is klin-dried tea.
    Sencha leaves are steamed immediately after picking.
    While,klin-dried tea,there is little time to fire.
    So, klin-dried tea is fermented more than green tea.
    The flavors is between sencha and pouchong tea.
    Thank you.