Bancha tea

In Summer, I like Bancha tea.
This tea was calles Iribancha that made by Ippo-do in Kyoto.
The scent was smoky.
Tea leaves like fallen leaves.
Last year, I went to Uji, Kyoto for Bancha tea.
 After the first tea picking at spring,
Bancha tea leaves were collected from the lower portions of the tea plant .
And these leaves were steamed, dried.
And fried by big pan.
Fried leaves
And fried stems that called Bone.
The lesft was leaves and the right was bones.
These  leaves and bones were mixed.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience, to see how the tea you drink is made. The color of the liquor is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Cha sen sama.
    Next,I may present to drink Bancha tea(^^).
    I love bancha tea.