Japanese Oolong tea

Oolong tea made by Mr.Watanabe at Last Autumn
About six months ago
Right was Saemidori, flower scent became deep
Left was Benifuuki, umm…
Watanabe said that the water located in the core of tea leaf immediately after making
and the water moved over the tea leaf
Let's try Oolong tea in this year !!
Thank you


  1. This looks very interesting, I live in Japan but I have yet to try Japanese oolong tea. I'll be on the look out for some!

    It looks like a very lightly oxidized and lightly roasted oolong. How does this compare to similarly produced Chinese and Taiwanese oolongs?

  2. Thank you, Patrick
    Mr.Watanabe like the tea that it is good without roasting
    And this tea leaves are not roasting
    Last week, we made Oolong tea !!