Outdoor tea set

I had black tea under the sky.
Tea leaves were made by Mr.Masui, Kawane, Shizuoka.
Thank you


Moc Thanh tea in Viet nam

Moc Thanh tea is simple.
Picking tea leaves and dried under the sun.
This tea like Japanese Bancha tea.
I felt gentle and care.
Thank you

Making tea in Viet nam

In Thai Nguyen

 I made green tea.

 Thank you for all


Cherry Cherry Cherry !!

 Japanese black tea
by Mr.Masui
from Kawane, Shizuoka
I felt the spring wind


Japanese black tea

Japanese black tea "Kahori 2nd " made by Mr.Masui
From Kawane, Shizuoka
Japanese black teas have the characteristic taste.
This tea also has it.
I think this taste is good and only Japanese tea.


Plum flavored tea

This yellow cloth was dyed
and the tea pot made
by Mrs.Aneta.
Thank you


Plum flavored tea

I made green tea with fragrant plum blossoms.
Roubai: 蝋梅 flowers were used.
Lovely soft flower scent
Tea leaves were Yamakai green tea made by Mr.Shibamoto.
Thank you for all


Making flowers flavored black tea

I joined to make flavored black tea .
It was named "Benikanbai, 紅寒梅"
The tea was flavored with flowers of Roubai, kind of plum.

I went to pick the yellow plum flowers

 There are three kind of Roubai.In this time, I see 2 type flowers, white and yellow.

 The first, I removed insects from flowers.
Then Roubai flowers put together black tea one night.
Next morning, Plum flowers removed and tea leaves were dried.
This process were performed twice or more.
  It is Japanese winter black tea.
Thank you


The post fermented tea

I had the post fermented tea party !!
The goal of the party was to make ripe puer tea in Japan
The first, we had Isgizuchi black tea and Goishi tea; below pict, middle of top
Both teas were anaerobic fermentationed and acted by lactic acid bacteria
So,I felt sour, Ishizuchi like jujube and Goishi was more sour
These teas were made in a traditional method, at Shikoku, Japan
I thought that it was difficult to make
But a tea maker said not difficult
I interest in his view, because he was tea maker
And we had many ripe and raw puer teas from Yunnan and Hunan
My friend provided these teas
One was raw puer that she made, one was tea that she got from Chinese officials,,,she got from some routes
Then we were able to think about tea from various angles
Last tea was the oolng tea stuffed in orange; below pict,the center
This tea was made by Mr.Saito from Ikumi, Shizuoka, Japan
After about ten years, the tea had very deep
We thought that original stuffed tea was not good
and the orange and times made good tea
We just step into the entrance of the post fermented tea
We want to know about it more and more
After the tea party, we had a lot of delicious crabs !!
Thank you for all