Japanese oriental beauty ・Yabukita

by Mr.Watanabe
Japanese Oriental Beauty
Tea leaves are Yabukita
from Ginpei
at Utunoya, Shizuoka
A lot of planthoppers bite
The previous day was fair weather
 This time, I could not pick tea leaves

Making tea at Mariko
Mr.Niroku's tea factory

Thank you for all ♥


Making Japanese Oriental beauty

by Mr.Watanabe
2015, 13-14, June
Oriental beauty
Tea leaves are N35
at Nishimata, Shizuoka

Last year is here
with madams of Nishimata
We picked tea leaves by hand

This year,  there were plant hoppers few than last year
and it was raining until the last night

 Then tea leaves contained more water


Mr.Saito made his tea plantation organic and pesticide-free

We made tea at Mr.Niroku, Mariko

 withering about 14hours
Mr.Watanabe felt to change tea leaves all the time

 It was difficult to pull out the water from tea leaves

Thank you for all
2015, Nishimata oriental beauty


Sencha tea

Tea leaves made by Mr.Uchino
at Tochizawa, Shizuoka
I brewed tea with block of ice


Broken Kyu-su

My tea pot, Kyu-su, 急須 broken, many years ago
I love the kyu-su, made by Uchiyama chizuko
It was feel good
So, I used for flowers
Today, I got hydrangeas from neighbor
Thank you


Shibamoto Pan fried tea

by Mr.Shibamoto
Tea leaves are Koshun, 香駿
2015 New year tea
Green is fresh !!

I joined to make this tea
Thank you