Yabukita oolong

 Yabukita Oolong tea
by Mr.Watanabe
Tea leaves are Yabukita from Ginpei
at June
The scent came up and deep from June 

Additional for John B
This Oolong was made from Ginpei's Yabukita leaves
in Utunoya, Shizuoka
at this June

I did not pick up tea leaves
I joined making tea from wilting


 Thank you



This summer, it was rain and cold
Umegashima is mountainous in Shizuoka
This house is located at an alutitude of about 1000m
So,  the fire was in this stove

The neighbor
This stove was made using a rebar of building

I like rain
Thank you

Umegashima sencha

Sencha tea
Tea leaves were the native species
The native meens that the yabukita trees grown by seeds
not by grafting

This spring we picked up tea leaves

and made sencha tea

I felt flower
Thank you for all


Myanmar and Shikoku tea party

I caried out the tea party
Mr.Suga has traveled to Asia with the keyword "Tea"
Last year, he went to the mountainous area Maymyo, Myanmer
Myanmer tea leaves; Left column
like puer raw tea and very good
These tea were made with traditional way
Now, Black tea factory was built in these areas
I hope that the traditional teas does not decline

And we had some after fermentation teas of Shikoku, Japan
Thank you Mr.Suga

Mr.Suga's blog ; 茶旅

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