Japanese black tea

It was a warm today.
I had tea that was called Ikumilonbu / 伊久美工夫.
The tea was made by Mr.Saitou at Ikumi/伊久美 , Shizuoka.
The leaves are used 静7132.
The taste was grassy.umm


Sencha tea

I had Boucha/棒茶 that was tea tree stem.
The leaves are made from Wasabiya tea farm/わさびや茶園 at Hadano/秦野,Kanagawa.
The tea master of Wasabiya tea farm.
The boucha is sencha but the leaves use tea tree stems.


High school baseball game

I went to watch the baseball game.
My friend's kid had a lot of toys that was Astroswitches of Kamen rider forze.
I had a curry for lunch by the opponent team mothers.
It is cold day,I had hodjicha/焙じ茶 family feeling.


Tea master Mr.Ota

I went the tea party of Japanese tea.
Tea master Mr.Ota made tea at Ureshino / 嬉野 , Ooita/大分.
I had black tea bought by Kureha.
He also makes Tamaryokucha.


Japanese black tea

I sold this tea at my son's school festival yesterday .
The tea was called Keemon tea/紀文紅茶 of Takeuchi tea farm at Makinohara,Shizuoka.


Japanese black tea

I had opened the tea shop at the festival.
I sold the tea ,kiimon tea/紀文紅茶 of Takeuchi tea farm at Makinohara, Shizuoka.
I brew straight tea and milk tea.


Sencha tea

This sencha was brewed overnight by cold water.
The taste was very good.
The tea was made by Kondou Michie/近藤美知絵.
and bought by WiseWise.


Nilgiris tea

This nilgrils tea was a gift from my friend.
The taste was very oriental.
The tea is by Lopchu.
I like the fragrance.
The nilgiris tea and Japanese tea should be different.


Japanese black tea

This black tea is made by Mr.Niroku/二六 at Mariko/丸子, Shizuoka.
 The Mariko tea is the first made in Japan.
The leaves are Benifuki / 紅富貴.


Dashboard cafe

I went to Shizuoka.
Today tea was puer tea by Ryokuen at Chaina town , Yokohama.
The first was Nakai parking at Tomei highway.
The second was at Yui parking.
The third was at the highschool.
The last tea was at Ashitaka parking.


Sencha tea

This sencha is called Anrakubitone / あんらくびとね.
The leaves are made at Misakubo / 水窪, Shizuoka.
Generally,the tea tree line across to the mountain slope.
In Misakubo,the tea tree line verticality to the slope.


Sencha tea

I went to Sansui farm/山水園 at Tochizawa , Shizuoka.
I had sencha , Fukuju/福寿.


Sencha tea

Today,I had sencha tea called Anrakubitone / あんらくびとね.
 By Muginome factory /麦の芽工房 at Misakubo/水窪 ,Shizuoka.
The leaves are hand picking.


Japanese black tea

This tea made from Kituki / 杵築 , Ooita.
By Kureha.
With the cake of Hanazono Manju / 花園饅頭.
Yesterday , I went to the Torinoichi / 酉の市 , the festival of Hanazono temple at Shinjuku.


Oolong tea

This Oolong tea made from Moriuchi tea farm / 森内茶農園 at Uchimaki , Shizuoka.
I love this tea.



Japanese black tea

This tea is called Yamanotakara / 山の宝珠 from Uchimaki / 内牧, Shizuoka.
The tea is so fruity.


Bancha tea

This is bancha tea / 番茶 ,called Bunbuku kamacha/ぶくぶく釜茶.
The leaved were picke at the autmun and drying with pan.
I can drink the tea every day.


Japanese black tea

This tea called Setoyamomigi / 瀬戸谷もみじ from Hudieda / 藤枝 , Shizuoka.
By Kureha.