Kiln-dried tea

This tea leaves are called Sofu/蒼風 that are hybridized Inzatsu 131 / 印雑131× Yabukita.
And Klin-dried by Moriuchi tea estate at Uchimaki,Shizuoka.
The distinctive and rich smell.


This morning, it was spring storm.
I had Nasuno tea.
It was snowing on Japanese plums/Ume/梅.


Oolong tea

This morning, I went to the beach at Makinohara,too.
I had oolong tea of Yamasen tea estate.
I love Makinohara beach.


Oolong tea

I went to sea with my friend at the Sunbeach of Makinohara,Shizuoka.
And we had oolong tea of Yamasen.
The tea was called Hanairo oolong tea/花いろ烏龍茶.
Now,Yamasen harvested radishes.
Spring is just around the corner !



This wakocha was Nasuno tea/那須野紅茶.
It was made from Nasu,Tochigi.
There is near the Fukushima.
So,last year,Nasuno tea can not sell.
This tea is made in 2010.
This tea was very deep and good.


Houji-cha with lemon grass

I had roasted tea with lemon grass.
Roasting sencha with Houroku roaster.
Brewing with lemon grass.
Sencha and lemon grass was matched well. 


Lemon grass tea

Usually, I do not drink herbal tea.
Today,I had lemon grass tea.
The leaves were made from Takeo/武雄,Saga.
I bought by '800 for eat'.
The smell was strong and the taste was also deep.


Kiln-dried tea

I had kiln dried tea as Tamaryoku-cha/玉緑茶 of Mr.Ota.
The leaves are made from Sayamakaori in Ureshino,Saga.
I like Ota's tea.


drinking tea unlimited

I went to have tea to the cafe ,Tokyo scone.
Drinking tea unlimited.
The first Nilgiri,Tiger Hill Estate ,
Keemun Da Bie,
Uva from Aislaby tea estate,at 2010,
Uva from Aislaby tea estate 2011,
Dimbula from Talawakele tea estate 2011 ,
Assam Borsapori tea estate, second flush 2011 with milk,
and Nilgiri,Tiger Hill Estate with milk.
Today, I had seven cups of tea.


Asamiya tea from Shiga.



The other day,I went to  the exhibition of the products of Nara.
Today,I had sencha of the exhibition.
This tea was made by Katagi kosou tea estate/かたぎ古香園.
It was called Asamiya tea/朝宮茶 in Shiga/滋賀.
Asamiya is minor as tea breeding area.
But this leaves were used for Uji tea.
The taste was simple and to easy to drink.


The Restaurant, IVY PLACE

I went to have a cup of tea to the restaurant,IVY PLACE at Daikanyama,Tokyo.
This Wakocha was called Beniogata from Kagoshima.
The taste like Darjeeling tea.


I decided to call Japanese black tea as Wakocha/和紅茶.
This Wakocha was called Topu Topu tea/とぷとぷ紅茶.

This was made by Gyugosha tea estate/牛小舎農園 in Makinohara,Shizuoka.
The taste near the Japanese sencha.
And rough but I felt the life force of the leaf.


Tea leaves with chicken and sesame oil

Tea leaves were cooked with chicken.
I used kiln-dried tea leaves of Mr.Ota.

Heat the pan and grease sesame oil.
Add minced chicken and used tea leaves and fly.
Flavor with salt.

Tea leaves are affinity with oil.
The taste of tea leaves stand up !



I went to the cafe Mube/むべ at Itsukaichi/五日市,Tokyo.
I had a cup of sencha with Yokan/羊羹.
Yokan is a thick jellied sweet made of azuki bean paste, kanten and sugar.
The Cafe was surrounded by mountains.
The entry gate.
Relaxed atmosphere.
I dropped near the temple.
Making dried radish.
Kiriboshi Daikon/切り干し大根 ,dried  radish.


Sun-moon lake tea

The chinese black tea called Sun-moon lake tea /日月潭.
The taste was very deep.
I like the tea.


Kiln-dried tea

I like kiln-dried tea by Mr,Ota.
This leaves are round.
These are made in Ureshino,Saga.
 The leaves are used Fujikaori/ふじかおり.
The smell was specific and like flower.