Houji-cha is the drink of non caffein.
So,I have every day.


Houji-cha is easy to brew.
Hojicha, use twice the amount of green tea leaves.
And the tea is brew at 100℃.



I had roasted tea ,called Bou-Cha /棒茶.
This leaves were made from Kuki-cha, green tea.
It were like sticks.
The tea was made by Maruhachi tea factory from Kaga/加賀,Ishikawa.
The taste was soft and the flavor was deep.


drinking tea unlimited

I went to have tea to "Tokyo scone" again at Oshiage,Tokyo.
The day was unlimited drinks tea,one price .
The first ,Kandy at 2011.
And Uva from Aislaby tea estate,at 2010 ,
Dimbula from Talawakele tea estate 2011 ,
Assam from Amgoorie tea estate the second flush 2011,
Uva from Aislaby tea estate 2011,
and Assam milk tea.
Very happy !


Kiln-dried tea

I had Kiln-dried tea every day.
Good Kiln dried tea is rare.
Mr.Ota made good quality tea.

Tamaryoku-cha made from Okumidori.
Round  leaves


Kiln-dried tea

Now, I like kiln-dried tea.
It is called Tamaryoku-cha/玉緑茶.
This tea was brewed at 90C ,1min.
This tea was made by Mr.Ota from Ureshino,Saga.


Oolong tea

I went to Shizuoka by the bus.
While I waiting for the bus, I drop in the chinese cafe,fu-cha.
I had rock tea ,MeiZhan/梅占 from WUKI.
The smell cure my headache.
And I was fine.


Tohoku Tea Relief Caravan

I took part "Tohoku Tea Relief Caravan" at Ashigara/足柄 ,Kanagawa.
Ashigara is mountainous areas in Kanagawa Prefecture and is dotted with tea gardens.
This area was first discovered on tea radiation exposure after Great East Japan Earthquake.
At Ashigara,tea farmers measured radiation their tea leaves and announced themself.
At the time,they first met the radiation probrem.
And they have been actioning on this problem in anguish.
Tea farmer's action shows that they are sincerity for tea.
I believe that farmer's idea will bring good results.
This Bancha/番茶 was made for this day.
The taste was very good.


Kiln-dried tea

This tea was Tamaryoku-cha/玉緑茶 by Mr.Ota/太田 from Ureshino,Saga.
The taste was very deep and good.
I like this tea.
Tamaryoku-cha is Kiln-dried tea.
It was brewd at 90°C , 1min.
Leaves were beautiful green.
Klin-dried tea is made more easy than Sencha because it are not thin.
So taste is wide and deep.


Japanese black tea

Today was cold.
I picked up leaf buds.
Spring is near.
I had Japanese black tea that called Yamagiri no kaori /山霧の香り.
This tea is made by Kakure-cha  Conservation Committee /隠れ茶を守る会
 at Umegashima/梅が島 ,Shizuoka.
It was made in the spring,2011.
The leaves was beautiful and great.
The tast had a good balance of flavor and astringency.
and similar to Darjeeling 1st.



I had Ruhuna that Aoyama tea factory got last November.
This cup is used for Japanese tea and made from Shizuoka.
I imitated the way Tokyo scone.
The taste was deep and light.
This tea was special.


drinking tea unlimited

I went to have tea to Tokyo scone at Oshiage,Tokyo.
This shop's scones were very good.
And the day was unlimited drinks tea,one price !!
The first ,Uva by Aislaby tea estate,at 2011.
The menthol was so elegant.
In order to soften the taste,it was brewed in Mashiko / 益子 Cup.
 And I had darjeeling Sungma tea estate the second flush 2011,Nuwara Eliya 2011 , Kandy with ginger ,Assam Borsapori tea estate the second flush 2011....
 and Assam milk tea.
Very happy !
Tokyo scone bought leaves by Aoyama tea factory.
Tokyo sky tree at Oshiage.



I had sencha that made by Tsujino/Yame, Fukuoka.
This tea was got from my friend.



I had sencha,Fukuju/福寿 , at Shinjuku Gyoen/新宿御苑.
This tea was made by Sansui tea farm/山水園 at Shizuoka.
I brewed Fukuju with water of 40ml at 50° for 1min. 
This tea did not detect radiation.
The taste has noble.


Oolong tea

I had Oolong tea at Shinjuku Gyoen/新宿御苑.
This tea was made by Mariko tea farm/丸子紅茶 at Shizuoka.
The leaves were Benifiji /紅ふじ.
The taste was very fruity and .fragrant.
Used tea leaves were steamed with sweet potatos.
The flegrance of Oolong tea a little and very delicious.


Cafe Bunpuku /分福

I went to the cafe Bunpuku at Koenji/高円寺,Tokyo.
This cafe looked like a normal cafe.
But, Japanese tea menu is great !!
I had sencha of Honyama,Shizuoka.
Others teas,Hoshimno tea farm at Yame and Kunitomo tea farm at Kouchi.
They are special tea farm in Japan.

And I took a side trip to the cafe Nanatumori/七つ森.
It is been a while since.



New Year's visit to a shrine /初詣.
I went to Kunouzan Toshougu/久能山東照宮,Shizioka.
I climed up 1,000 step.
I could see the sea and clear off my tiredness.
I had a cup of amazake/甘酒 at shrine approach way.
So sweat and hot.

On the way home,I had puer tea at Ebina /海老名 in Tomei highway.



Today,I had sencha/Geishun cha of Uogashi meicha/うおがし銘茶.
This tea is easy to brew.