Blue Moon

Tonight, it was blue moon.
When I took picture, I observed falling star !


Bancha tea

In Summer, I like Bancha tea.
This tea was calles Iribancha that made by Ippo-do in Kyoto.
The scent was smoky.
Tea leaves like fallen leaves.
Last year, I went to Uji, Kyoto for Bancha tea.
 After the first tea picking at spring,
Bancha tea leaves were collected from the lower portions of the tea plant .
And these leaves were steamed, dried.
And fried by big pan.
Fried leaves
And fried stems that called Bone.
The lesft was leaves and the right was bones.
These  leaves and bones were mixed.


Nilgiris tea

Now, I like this Nirgirs tea.
I put large ice in the bowl and pour Nirgiris tea.
I sip tea from the side with care.
It was beautiful white tea !


Lunch time

I had Chinese lunch with my friends.
Before ,  I learned about Chinese black tea ,
 Lapsang souchong/正山小種 and Keemun  /祁門紅茶.


Oolong tea

I had oolong tea at Murou river /室生川 ,Nara.
I got this tea leaves from Chaen/茶淹.

Thank you for all.


Oolong tea

I had Oolong tea.
This tea was made by Mariko tea factory.

These leaves were Izumi.

Thank you Mr.Niroku.


Oolong tea

Last month ,I went to Mariko tea factory.
Then I met making Oolong tea .
Today ,I had the Mariko's Oolong tea.

This tea was very very beautiful !

Thank you Mr.Niroku and Mr. and Mrs. Tezuka.


Kaga tea

Last month ,I went to Mariko/丸子 tea factory in Shizuoka.
Then I met making tea.
The tea leaves were carried by Kaga/加賀.

It was so scent by drying machine.

Today, I rosted thses leaves.

The taste was clear and light.
I felt the tea seem to Wakocha.

Thank you for Mr.Akasu and more.



I had iced sencha tea.
It was so sweet.

The tea leaves were made by Shibakiri tea estate/しばきり園.


Nilgiris tea

It is very hot today.
I had iced tea of Nilgiri.
It was so flowery !

Thses leaves scent from the moment I opened the package.
Thses were made by Billimalai tea estate in winter ,2012.
I bought by tastea.

And this tea pot by Ochaukeya.
I had beautiful time ,thank you.