Mochi pounding for New Year

Mochi pounding , one of the ready for New Year

Mochi pounding by grandma and her sun
and cutting is the work of grandpa

Around the stove, the family get together

the other family pounded mochi, too

The yong brothers were working !!

Using stove, glutinous rice was steamed

Thsnk you for all


Hoji cha ; roasted green tea

Last night, I had quiet and vivid raw puer tea
  then, quiet and spectacular puer black tea
Now,  I had hoji cha
The tea straight into my body ^^


The Christmas party

The third times, Christmas party
from 3.11,Great East Japan Earthquake
I joined Ochakko meeting, the victims of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident
I made the Christmas tree together, heard to the recent,
and brewed apple tea
Tea leaves made by Mr.Masui, Kawane, Shizuoka
Thank you for all


Yabukita Oolong

Yabukita Oolong tea
made by Mr.Watanabe
roasting by Mr.Matsuoka
Tea leaves made from Ginpei in Utsunoya, Shizuoka
I felt deep dan cong oolong

The day was rain
So, we were hard for wilting
we used a heater and a electric fan

I have best friends



 It was getting cold in Umegashima, Shizuoka
Fire has been put into the wood stove
It was very hot !!

Potatos were baked on the stove

Using heat of the stove, persimmons dried
It became more sweet

The another home
Persimmons were also dried on the stove

Thanks for all

Nishimata white tea

by Mr.Watanabe and Mr.Matsuoka
June, 2015
Nishimata, Saemidori


Nishimata Autumn

 Yabukita sencha
by Mr.Saito, Nishimata, Shizuoka

 His sencha was so soft

I went to Nishimata
to take Autumn



 Mr.Saito prepared all tea estates for next year
I felt his professional work
I love Nishimata


Smoked tea

Smoked tea made by Matsumoto tea estate, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan
This tea was smoked with whisky barrel tips
I felt strong smoke
I had a cup of tea with chocolate
Thank you



I had rice with Umeboshi and sencha tea leaves
Umeboshi is dried plum
I poured sencha
This plum and sencha made from Umegashima
Thank you for my friends ♥


Wakocha, Japanese black tea

a cup of black tea
with a flower of cha
from my friend
thank you

at Murakami, Niigata, Japan
which is cold region for cha tree


Makinohara tea trip

I went to make green tea with my friend
We picked up tea leaves
Tea leaves were 静7132, Shizu 7132 which was used for sencha tea
and had scent of sakura leaves

There was the big tea factory near the tea plantation
We dropped in
Tea master of Fukamushi sencha, deep steamed sencha, 
brewed sencha for us !!
It was Haiken, 拝見 that mean tea tasting
In new year tea season, this factory get a lot of raw tea leaves
from many tea plantations

The tea plantation of Mr.Shibamoto was near the sea
we made pan fried tea

Dinner time !!

 Left; 10/29 last week
made by Mr.Shibamoto and I
I feel green, but I like this tea
Tea leaves size are same
Right; 11/3 this time
I feel fire and bodied Tea leaves are big or small

I like both green teas

Thank you for my friends


green tea, Mr.Shibamoto

 I joined to make green tea of Mr.Shibamoto
at Makinohara, Shizuoka

Tea leaves were Shizu7132, 静7132
as sencha, it have the scent like sakura tree leaves

before fried tea leaves

He made pan fried tea
White steam and scent rised up, after tea leaves put the fire

and rolling
He was careful for water of stems

tea leaves fried and rolled four times

Thanks Mr.Shibamoto