Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea
Blended by Mucica tea, Dojima, Osaka


Genmai-cha, mixed flied rice and sencha tea
This tea leaves were made by Shibakiri tea estate, Shimizu, Shizuoka

Sencha tea

The Sencha tea by Mr.Ishibe.
This tea leaves were made from Sakuma, Tenryuu, Shizuoka

Pu'er tea

I had pu'er tea that made from Yunnan.
by Organic pu'er


Wakocha, Yamagiri no Kaori

 New year Japanese black tea, Yamagiri no Kaori.
I felt pleasant aftertaste. 

 This tea leaves were made by Mr.Sano at Umegashima, Shizuoka. 

The tea farm is located in mountain village. 

 Mr.Sano cultivates tea farm with care. 

Thank you for all.


Tea picking !!

I went to pick tea leaves at Umegashima, Shizuoka.

Hello !!
New year tea leaves, Yabukita for sencha tea
 Tea leaves were stored one day at cool and dark room.

One batt two leaves
And I had lunch
Edible wild plants, Yomogi, Myoga and Udo
Thank you for all


Sencha tea

 New year sencha tea of Shibakiri tea estate from Shimizu, Shizuoka.
This tea leaves were called Yamabuki.
This tea leaves look clear yellow.
The taste was very sweet.
Thank you

Sencha tea

Iced sencha tea !!
By Mr.Suzuki, from Kawane, Shizuoka
The tea leaves cultivar was Okuhikari
Cool and bitter
Thank you


New Year Tea !!

I got New Year sencha tea of Mr.Suzuki from Kawane, Shizuoka.
This tea was Okuhikari.
He said that Okuhikari was bitter.
I felt not bitter, but very balmy.
Thank you Mr.Suzki.


Fermented tea

 I went to make Shizuoka type new fermented tea at Kawane, Shisuoka.
Tea leaves were used Sayama-kaori.
Making steps were withering, fixation, rolling and firing.
 Taste likes Pouchong tea, light fermented tea.
Color was green.
Thank you Mr.Suzuki.


New Year Tea !! Pan fried tea

 I made pan fried tea at Sudo farm at Sagamihara, Kanagawa.
This tea trees was native in this area.
This year, these trees were damaged by frost.
Then we picked tea leaves !!
 At this area, tea trees were planted for the border thier life.
 The farmers live together nature.
This tree is mulberry.

 And leaf-rolling weevils.
 We picked tea leaves.
 Native leaves were different shapes.
 Tea leaves fried with the pan.
 Then tea leaves were rubed to out moisture.
Then tea leaves were fried and rubed again.
 Pan fried tea leaves !!
 Thank you for all.


Shizuoka Tea Market

I went to Shizuoka for visiting the tea market.
Now, new year sencha tea leaves were businessed.
This pics where a buyer had a tasting.
 A buyer wear a blue cap, a farmer was green cap and a staff of the tea market wear yellow cap.
 The buyer counted the price of tea leaves on the abacushas.
 Tea tasting is called Haiken/拝見 that mean to taste a cup of tea with respect.
 Thank you.


New Year Tea !!

Today, I also had a cup of new tear tea.
This tea was made from Wazuka, Kyoto.
Thank you


New Year Tea !!

 The eclair using roasted tea.
With new year tea by Wazuka, Kyoto.
 The taste was sweet like Shizuoka, not Kyoto.

Beautiful leaves !!
Thank you


New Year Tea !!

 De Xuan Ge/徳宣閣 gave me New Year Ronjin.
This morning, it was cool.
 I felt quiet air and scent of tea.
Minqiang xihu longjing /明前西湖龍井
This tea was very good !!
Thank you