Making white tea

 I made white tea
I kept only left tea leaves
At first, tea leaves were left under the tree shade at tea mountain
about 4hours
and in my car to go home at 30℃ about 5hours
Then, it left about 4days in my room at 20℃
Last, tea leaves were dried electric griddle at low temple

 Tea leaves were Saemidori
at Nishimata, Shizuoka

 wilting under the shade

 Thank you Mr.Saito


Making green tea at Nishimata

 I made green tea
from Autumn tea leaves

 at Nishimata, Shizuoka

 I picked up tea leaves, native, Saemidori and N35
N35 is original species of this tea farm

Tea leaves were wilted about 6hours
 I want to get scent
 And I fried tea leaves with my pan

 Autumn tea mountain, Nishimata


Making green tea

 I learned making green tea
from Mr.Shibamoto
left; Yamakai, right; Yabukita

 at Makinohara, Shizuoka

 Tea leaves were Yamakai and Yabukita

 I picked tea leaves 1bud and 3leaves
involved big leaves
I thought that big leaves had good taste

 I learned how to fry tea leaves
with my small pan

 very good scent of pan
I love my pan

 Thank you Mr.Shibamoto