The Tea festival in Yokohama

I went to the tea festival ,Yokohama tea port town party 2012.
 Sencha tea, Chinese tea and black tea were surved.

Yokohama is a harbor town with long history.
Various cultures are mixed.
Thses teas are Wakocha,Japanese black tea.
From left, Mariko tea in Mariko, Mirai tea in Kawane, pan fried black tea in Kumamoto.
And cute sweets !
Thank you for all.


The tea party by Ochauke-ya

Four farmers came from Shizuoka.
I had sencha and Wakocha .
Maruhi Suzuki tea estate/マルヒ鈴木製茶
Fukamushi sencha , Oolong tea and Wakocha.
Fukamushi sencha is stopping fresh leaves by deep steam .
And brown rice tea/玄米茶.
Sencha tea with Gaiwan.
And roasted tea.
 Thank you for all !!



Wakocha and nuts.
The coating of nuts contain tea leaves.
This tea is called Ki-mon tea/紀文紅茶 by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara,Shizuoka.



Mont blancs and wakocha.
Mont blants are made by  marrons.
These cakes mixed with tea leaves.
The wakocha is called Ama's tea from Kumamoto by Creha.


At Kesennuma

I went to temporary dwellings in Kesennuma.
To help body massage for victims by Great East Earthquake.
My work was front desk for massage.
Before and after massage, I served roast tea.
The road to recovery is a long.


Wakocha and Wagashi

 My tea friends came up from Kyushu.
This Japanese sweet is called Warabi-mochi/わらび餅 by Furyu.
This tea is made in Kagoshima by Kureha.
And this sweets is called Kintsuba by Fryuu.
Kintsuba is made from red beans/azuki.
Thank you Fryuu and Kureha.


Sencha tea

I had sencha tea of Sansuien/山水園 using Gaiwan.
I want to watch opening tea leaves.



Wakocha with Yo-kan/羊羹
The tea is Yamagirino-Kaori.
And fig of Yo-kans are made by wagashiasobi.


Bancha tea

I like bancha tea.
This tea was traditional tea at Hirutani Asahi, Toyama.I boiled 15g of tea leaves with 1 liter of  water about 5 to 10 minutes.
And I whisked tea with the pair of Chasen/茶筅.The tea was similar in Pu'er tea.
I bought tea leaves at Furyuu.
Thank you.


Announcement of the tea party !!

I am going to join the tea party of "Ochauke-ya".
At Kosou-an/古桑庵 in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo ,Japan.
In the party, a cup of tea will be served by farmers from Shizuoka.
The day ,four tea estates will join
Sansui T.E./山水園  sencha tea,
Takeuchi T.E./竹内農園    Wakocha
 Maruhi Suzuki tea factory/マルヒ鈴木製茶    sencha tea
 and Muramatsu T.E./村松園     sencha tea.
The last party is this site.

I'm looking forward to join the party!!


The tea shop "SAKURA / 茶倉"

I went to the tea shop SAKURA  at Motomachi, Yokohama ,Kanagawa
with my friend.
We had Wakocha of Minamisayaka from Gokase,Miyazaki ,
Pan fried tea of Mirai from Kawane, Shizuoka ,
Oolong tea of Tuyuhikari and of Inzatsu from Fujieda,Shizuoka
and Wakocha of Yamagiri-no-kaori from Umegashima,Shizuoka.
The tea cup were made by Antshop of Masuda-kama.
Thank you for all.


Puer tea

I had puer tea of new year tea.
I bought this tea at Shunpo-Shungetsu/春風秋月.
This tea was good !!



 I had nodate at Shizunami beach in Makinohara.
The beach get sand waves.


Sencha tea

In general, sencha tea is steamed immediately after picked leaves.
This tea leaves were pre-fermented.
So,I felt scent like pan fried tea.
The tea leaves were made by Mr.Masui ,Kawane, Shizuoka.
The leaves were used Mirai.