The tea party

I joined the tea party of "Gancha-bou/岩茶房".
Today, I had Wakocha made by Okinawa ,cha wai cha /虫糞茶 ,Gun powder /珠茶 ,zhu-ye-jing /竹叶青 and Ye Lai Xiang /夜来香.
Thank you for all.


New year tea

I had new year tea that made by Shibakiri tea estate/しばきり園 in Shimizu,Shizuoka.
The other day,I went to the tea party of Shibakiri T.E.

This tea was brewed easy and the taste was good.
I can use daily.

Thank you.


Nodate / 野点

I had Nodate with a cup of matcha at Oshima in Kesennuma,Miyagi.
I climbed Mt.Kameyama,Oshima.

At Great East Japan Earthquate ,it occured fire disaster in Kesennuma.
The fire went over the sea and reached to Oshima island.
At Oshima island, the forest fired.

However the mushroom had great life force.

I like the nature of Oshima island.

And I had the tea party with my freiend at Kesennuma.
Teas were Phoenix Oolong Ye Lai Xiang/鳳凰単叢夜来香,Phoenix Oolong Fang Hong 鳳凰単叢東方紅,Wu-yi rock tea /the Da Hong Pao /大紅袍 and 2010 Phoenix Oolong /鳳凰単叢.
Thank you for all.


New year tea

I had new year tea of Sansuien/山水園 in Tochizawa ,Shizuoka.
I bought at the tea party.

I heard that it did not frost before tea picking.
Then ,this year tea leaves grew obediently.

The "旬" means best season.
Now, new year tea ,Shincha, is the best season.

Thank you for Mr,Uchino.


New year tea

New year tea package of Ochauke-ya
The second tea was "Tecchane tea estate".
This fukamushi tea was so deep and mild.
The scent was clear.

The leaves were shine and smooth.

The lovely fly sheet

I ate enjoy tea leaves.
Thank you.


New year tea

Today,I also had new year tea of Shizuoka.
This tea called "Gold Oota-en" that made by Oota-en/太田園.

This tea leaves was Fukamushi tea.

I could brew easy.
And the taste was so clear.
Thank you.


New year tea Ochaduke

I had Ochaduke for the lunch.
Fill rice the bowl and  put tea leaves and pickled ume.
Tea leaves were used of Takeuchi tea eastate.
The taste was so clear.
Thank you ,Gochisou-sama.

New year tea

Today, I had a cup of tea of Takeuchi tea estate/ 竹内茶農園 in Makinohara,Shizuoka.
I had sencha of Takeuchi T.E. for the first time.
So far,I had black tea.

This Fukamushi tea was great !
The balance of sweet and bitter was so good.
Sorry, this tea is not Fukamushi.The leaves were processed coarse and soft.
I had such the tea the first !

I bought by Ochauke-ya.
This tea was one of "Forefront of new teas".
In May, I will receive new year tea from south to mountain of Shizuoka.

Thank you for all.


New year tea

Now, I get many news of new year tea every day.
Today,I had Ooiwase/おおいわせ of Hamasa-en/浜佐園.
The taste was so deep at low tempreture.
And it was clear at high tempreture.

Tea leaves were so scentful.

Thank you Mr.Unno.


New year tea

I had new year tea of Moriuchi tea estate.
I went to tea picking this tea estate.

This tea leaves were picked by hand.
And the breed was Yabukita.

I love this tea !
Very very good.
I like the tea at high tempreture than low.
Tea leaves also good !
Thank you .


New year tea

I had new year tea of Shibakiri tea estate/しばきり園.

This tea was called Hototogisu/時鳥.
I bought at the tea party.

It was beautiful tea.


New year tea party

I joined the new year tea party at Shibakiri tea estate/しばきり園.

This tea was so deep and clear.

And I had lunch ,bamboo-shoot,buckwheat noodle and Japanese butterbur.

The party garden.

The tea gardens were at steep slope.



I had lunch ,a pork guts stew and a konjac, with sencha tea.
At Shimada,Shizuoka.
This tea was so good !


New year tea party !

I joined the new year tea party at Sansui tea estate in Tochizawa,Shizuoka.

I had a cup of tea that brewed by Mr.Uchino.

This year, it was not detect radiation from new tea leaves .

The taste was so soft and clear.
I was cared.

After the tea ceremony, I had a lunch at the garden.

I feel that this year is good for tea.
Thank you for Mr.Uchino.


New year tea

Today, I had new year tea of  Yamsen in Makinohara,Shizuoka.

This tea was Fukamushi/深蒸し sencha.
I felt tea leaves smooth with my hand.
And the smell was so strong.

I am happy for new tea.