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I went to Shizuoka for watching my son's highschool baseball game.
At Nakai parking in Tomei highway at four AM.
I had rest with puer tea.

It was a storm wind today and the game was won.
On the way home ,I had the second puer tea at Fujigawa parking.



I went to watch baseball my son playing.
We had sencha ,Jukusei-cha ,at the stand.

And I had green tea ,Guri-cha made in Izu,Shizuoka.

These teas are brewed for parents and guests.
It was good !



I had sencha today.

This tea is called "Jukusei-cha /熟成茶".
Tea leaves are aged for 5months from May to September.

In general ,Japanese senchas is worth the new tea.
But this tea leaves are aged.
Then it is removed the smell of grass and the taste of mellow is got up.

This tea is made in Umegashima ,Shizuoka.


Tea journey in Umegashima

Umegashima /梅が島 ,Shizuoka is the area of production for tea.
It is located high above sea level.
I went to Umegashima with my friend.

This Wakocha is called "Yamagiri no Kaori /Scent of mountain fog "
We had a cup of tea at Sano tea estate.

And We went to Akiyama tea estate that made sencha tea called Jukusei-cha /熟成茶.
Jukusei-cha is aging tea.

We had Wakocha ,Oolong tea and sencha at Moriuchi tea estate .

The next day, it was clear.
This is Umegashima tea farms and cherry.

The day ,We around Honyama/本山 and Okabe/岡部.
This pan fried green tea called kouju/香寿.

And Yamano Houshu,Wakocha.

It was the tea farm of Yamano Houshu.

The last ,We went to Sansui tea estate.
Thank you for all.



I had sencha tea called "Kotsu Kotsu tea" of Nakamori tea estate in Ise,Mie.

Tea leaves were roasted hard.
Then ,the flavor was so good and brewing easy.

The package was writed by the hand.



This tea was made by Takanashi tea estate in Tanzawa ,Kanagawa.
I bought by Ochauke-ya.

Tea leaves were deep green and the smell were clean.

I brewed to easy and the taste was so good.


Okowa with Wakocha

I had Okowa ,steamed rice , with Wakocha.
This Okowa is called Kaitaku okowa /開拓おこわ and made by Hirata-ya in Koriyama,Fukushima.
Wakocha is made by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara,Shizuoka.
Koriyama was poor watered area.
In the Edo period ,the canal project was done to draw water from Lake Inawashiro beyond the mountains.
 A total of 850,000 people involved, and spent three years.
This Okowa was made with the pain.



I went to meet my friend to Koriyama/郡山,Fukushima.
My friend have counselings for women.
As Fukushima, there are problems of radiation,  the situation is different from other areas.
We had Ousu-cha/お薄茶 in Nodate / 野点.
We had Soba for lunch at Ryusenbou/隆仙坊.

Soba with tempura

The Japanese style restaurant

There is a radiation measuring instrument in the park.

And we had  the street shop of pan-fried noodles /焼きそば.
He lived in Namie /浪江 that located only 3km from the Fukushima 1st nuclear power plants.
He lost his house and his shop.



I had Ochaduke with sencha-tea today morning.
This tea was made by Tanno tea estate/丹野園 in Kawane,Shizuoka.

Tea leaves were so beautiful.

Kawane is great producting tea area.
Tanno tea estate awarded a number of prize  for quality of tea. 


Pan fried tea/釜炒り茶

I had pan fried tea today.

The shape of pan fried tea leaves is round.

This tea is made by Michie Kondou .
And I bought at Wise wise.

I had the pleasure of the smell.



This tea is Yamano Houshu /山の宝珠 2010.
I feel  more good 2010 than 2011.
It was made by Hamasa-en in Shizuoka.

This tea leaves were stored a year.
The taste got it firmly.



Today, I had a cup of  matcha.
This tea is by Ippodo/一保堂 in Kyoto.

Kesennuma and more

look like a dragon
temporary shops
The Japanesestyle restaurant "World"

Let's reborn Kesennuma


Pu'er tea

I had pu'er tea with smoked beef tongue.
Pu'er tea of Rhoku-en at The china town in Yokohama.
The smoked beed tongue were made from Sendai,Miyagi.