The post fermented tea

I had the post fermented tea party !!
The goal of the party was to make ripe puer tea in Japan
The first, we had Isgizuchi black tea and Goishi tea; below pict, middle of top
Both teas were anaerobic fermentationed and acted by lactic acid bacteria
So,I felt sour, Ishizuchi like jujube and Goishi was more sour
These teas were made in a traditional method, at Shikoku, Japan
I thought that it was difficult to make
But a tea maker said not difficult
I interest in his view, because he was tea maker
And we had many ripe and raw puer teas from Yunnan and Hunan
My friend provided these teas
One was raw puer that she made, one was tea that she got from Chinese officials,,,she got from some routes
Then we were able to think about tea from various angles
Last tea was the oolng tea stuffed in orange; below pict,the center
This tea was made by Mr.Saito from Ikumi, Shizuoka, Japan
After about ten years, the tea had very deep
We thought that original stuffed tea was not good
and the orange and times made good tea
We just step into the entrance of the post fermented tea
We want to know about it more and more
After the tea party, we had a lot of delicious crabs !!
Thank you for all


The tea connection

Im tea time
Mr.Shibamoto's Inzatsu Oolong
with Aneta pot
We are connected by tea, Poland, Vietnum and Japan
Let's join our circle !!



Japanese white tea !?
This is called " Nikkan Bancha ; 日干番茶 "
I made in 2010, with my tea friend, in Makinohara, Shizuoka
The first, we cut down tea leaves by scissors
and boiled it
Then tea leaves spread under the sun and sprayed boiled water
And dried only under the sun
It was summer, very hot day (*´Д`)
Now, it is 8 years from making
I felt it like puer ripe tea and little chinese hearbal medicine
I want to taste with my friend's tea(#^^#)


Autumn oolong tea

 I had Oolong tea

 Made by Mr.Shibamoto
Tea leaves were Inzatsu
 Tea pot made by Mrs Aneta from Poland
 I got a lot of fresh vegetables from Kounomatsu
I fried radish leaves with chicken
  Right side, black beans is grown in Fuzieda, Shizuoka, Japan
While the seeds from Poland !!

A flower of black beans
 Tea wears made from Poland
Thank you for all


Making green tea

I made green tea
I picked up tea leaves with Mr.Shibamoto
at Makinohara, Shizuoka
Tea leaves were Shizu7132
,which was smelled like leaves of cherry
This my tea also felt cherry leaves
I like it


Making white tea

 I made white tea
I kept only left tea leaves
At first, tea leaves were left under the tree shade at tea mountain
about 4hours
and in my car to go home at 30℃ about 5hours
Then, it left about 4days in my room at 20℃
Last, tea leaves were dried electric griddle at low temple

 Tea leaves were Saemidori
at Nishimata, Shizuoka

 wilting under the shade

 Thank you Mr.Saito


Making green tea at Nishimata

 I made green tea
from Autumn tea leaves

 at Nishimata, Shizuoka

 I picked up tea leaves, native, Saemidori and N35
N35 is original species of this tea farm

Tea leaves were wilted about 6hours
 I want to get scent
 And I fried tea leaves with my pan

 Autumn tea mountain, Nishimata


Making green tea

 I learned making green tea
from Mr.Shibamoto
left; Yamakai, right; Yabukita

 at Makinohara, Shizuoka

 Tea leaves were Yamakai and Yabukita

 I picked tea leaves 1bud and 3leaves
involved big leaves
I thought that big leaves had good taste

 I learned how to fry tea leaves
with my small pan

 very good scent of pan
I love my pan

 Thank you Mr.Shibamoto 


Japanese oriental beauty, Yabukita

Oriental beauty 2015
Tea leaves are Yabukita
I brewed the tea after 1year
just before I dried little
very deep and good 


Making green tea in Umegashima

 I made pan fried tea
at Umegashima, Shizuoka

 Tea leaves were Yabukita

 I feel good


Shibamoto Oolong tea

Two years ago, Mr.Shibamoto roasted his oolong tea at the new year party
Over time, the tea was very good and deep !!
like dan cong oolong


Making my black tea at Umegashima

I made black tea at Umegashima, Shizuoka
I picked up tea leaves at Higashimine
This location was sunny all day
During witherling, tea leaves were dry too
I failed,,,

Then, I try to make tea again at Higashimine
I picked tea leaves at AM5:00
It was cool and the location was shade

And I made from Kurasawa leaves
Kurasawa had good science

Mr.Sano proposed to make tea with his Okuhikari leaves 
He taught me how to make black tea !!
 for left ;
at Sinden, tea leaves were Okuhijari
at Higashimene, witherling onr night, soft rolling
at kusaki, tea leaves were Kurasawa; Kurasawa was good science
at Sinden, made by Mr.Sano, Okuhikari, good science
upper ;
at Higashimine, I failed to witherl, tea leaves were over dry
and at Kusaki, tea leaves were Kurasawa
Thank you for all ♥


Fuji black tea

very beautiful tea
by Mr.Honda
at Fuji, Shizuoka
like Darjeeling greenish tea
Thank you


Japanese black tea

I tasted some Japanese black teas
I think greenish taste, characteristic science, 
mean of species and degree of fermented
Mirai 1st by Mr.Masui, Creha aging tea, 2015 Asikita 1st,
Fujikaori at Ureshino, Saemidori at Ureshino, Yamatomidori at Tsukigase
and Benihikari at Minamisatsuma


Nishimata black tea

 The other day, I made black tea with my friends
I brewed thses teas again

 Left; made by Mr.M
Right; by Mr.Watanabe

 Left; beautiful golden chips
Right; I felt honey taste
These teas light fermented
It was the important to fermented first in eary
Thank you for all