Nishimata, sencha

by Mr.Saito, in Nishimata, Shizuoka
Autumn, 2015
He never lose !!


Japanese oriental beauty, 2015

Upper tea leaves are Japanese oriental beauty
Tsuyuhikari, Yanamo ibuki, Saemidori, Zairai
Sorry, these 2015's tea leaves are sold in Japanese
Main agency is Chachanoma


Takao, Kyoto

I went to Kosan-ji temple, 高山寺 in Kyoto
Saint Meikei, 明恵上人 started this temple

Eizai zen master, 栄西禅師 brought back seeds of cha 
from Sung to Saint Meikei
It is said that here is the oldest tea garden in Japan
But, I see new age tree of cha

I felt that the temple was very simple
I like the simple 

Thank you my friend


Tea pot from Poland !!

I am very glad to get the tea pot from Poland !!
The tea pot made by Aneta Zatyka
The knob of pot is easy to use
I brew green tea of Mr.Shibamoto
Thank you, very lovely