Chinese tea festival

I joined the Chinese tea festival
Then, I got pouches for tea wear
I am going to go out with the pouches
Thank you


Umegashima, Wakocha, black tea

 In Japan, Higan comes when the seasons are changing
The days ,people have the opportunity to meet thier ancestors
They sweep and clean the tombs and offer seasonal flowers, and food such as Ohagi
Ohagi is that rice balls covered with sweet bean paste
and is the most common food offered during Higan

I visited to Mr.Sano who tea master of Wakocha, Japanese black tea
at Umegashima
 I love Umegashima and tea of Mr.Sano
Thank you for all


Pan fried tea at Moriuchi tea estate

I joined to make the pan fried tea ,type of Shizuoka

Withering one night
Tea leaves were Tuyuhikari

After oxidase deactivation, Rolling leaves

He is tea master of Sencha tea by hands rolling

The day was Higan
After making tea, we had tea party
Thank you for all


Nilgiri 2011

Premium Nilgiri 2011
from Glendale tea estate #709
very very good !!


Umegashima, Wakocha 2014

Yesterday, I went to Umegashima, Shizuoka
to get black tea

Left tea is Yabukita and right tea is Okuhikari
Both teas was made at June as the first flash

The first impression was better Okuhikari (right) than Yabukita (left)
Okuhikari had scent and light
But ,I felt unpleasant taste both teas
While, the late tasts were good

So, I discussed about these teas with my tea friend
He brewed teas with glass pots
Then, the unpleasant taste went away !!
And Okuhikari was felt very fruity taste

Autumun has came
Thank you for all

Sencha tea

It is named Fukumidori
by Mr.Saito ,Nishimata, Shizuoka


Sencha tea

 I brew a cup of sencha tea as Gyokuro tea
Gyokuro tea is deep extracted all of tea leaves
Generally, it is so bitter or so heavy
But this tea was very soft and gentle

The tea leaves was Fukumidori
 Made by Mr. Saitou at Nishimata, Shizuoka
The tea estate was maneged as organic

Thank you for all


Tasting our teas

  A few days ago, we tried to make black tea at Nishimata, Shizuoka
  A week passed since then,
I tasted the tea again

The left tea is picked up leaves in the morning,
The right is in the afternoon

The day, rain was falling from the previous day, had jus ceased
The leaves had more water in the morning than in the afternoon 

 In the morning tea leaves

 The afternoon leaves

 I felt better scent the afternoon and better taste the morning
Both teas had stuffiness
It's feature commonly found in Japanese black teas

 We will challenge to make the tea more and more
Thank you for all


Roasted tea

 The roasted tea was made from little fermented tea
Tea leaves were Tuyuhikari
By Mr.Masui at Kawane, Shizuoka
I felt
scent of  fermented behind roasted scent
I love the tea
Thank you