Today, I was very tired.
So, I had milk tea of Oboro tea that made by Kuma tea estate.
With sugar and Wu-Xiang fen.
Thank you.


Holding tea leaves with Japanese paper

I tried to fold Japanese paper for holding tea leaves.
This package is used at end of Edo Period.
The tea leaves are made by Sansui tea estate.


Sencha tea

A cup of sencha tea was made by Shibakiri tea estate.
Now, I have this tea ,named "Tsuyu", everyday.



I had Ochaduke with stems of Wasabi.
This Ochaduke was Japanese apricot/梅干し and Wasabi on rice
with little fermented tea.
This tea was Koushun/ 香駿 and made by Moriuchi tea estate.
Japanese apricot and Wasabi was good.
Thank you.


Wakocha, Japanese black tea, named Oboro tea by Kuna tea estate.
The tea leaves are used Benifuuki.


Sencha tea with Miso/味噌

This miso/味噌 was made in Umegashima, Shizuoka.
With sencha tea.

Miso is made from soybeans.
Soybeans were boiled an hour and a half.


Then boiled soybeans were mashed with mallet.
Rice malts and salt were mixed.

At last, these paste put in the tub and  set down three years.
Thank you.


Sencha tea at Umegashima

I went to visit the miso making at Umegashima, Shizuoka.
At the end, I had lunch with a cup of sencha tea.
Thank you


Bancha tea

The Cha-Kayu/茶粥, the rice porridge was made by Goishi tea/碁石茶.
The taste was sour.
Goishi tea leaves were made by after-fermentation at Kouchi/高知.
I bought by Fryu/ふりゅう.
Thank you


Sencha tea

A cup of sencha tea from Moriuchi tea estate in Shizuoka.
The tate was clear and like wind.

The tea leaves are Yabukita and are hand picked at spring 2012.
Thank you

Oolong tea

This Oolong tea was made by Mr.Niroku at Mariko, Shizuoka.
The taste was very round and good.
Thank you.


Oolong tea

Oolong tea from Taiwan
Named "Banshou/番庄-Oolong tea"

 I heard that this tea was made for exporting.
 I felt that the taste was strong for fire.


Sencha tea

A cup of sencha tea was made by Mr.Sano at Umegashima, Shizuoka.

The rough tea leaves of Okuhikari
Thank you



I had a cup of milk tea.
Tea leaves were made by Mr.Sano in Umegashima, Shizuoka.
Broken leaves of Yamagiri no Kaori
The taste was very rich.
And this Stollen was made by my friend.
Thank you.



Yamagiri no Kaori, Wakocha, Japanese black tea
It is made from Umegashima, Shizuoka.


A Happy New Year

New Year tea, Oobuku tea/ 大福茶
Pickled Japanese apricots/ 梅干し ,kelp/ 昆布 and Japanese peppers/山椒
With Sencha tea
This tea was made by Mr.Akiyama in Umegashima, Shizuoka.
Thank you


Sencha tea in Umegashima

 I went to Umegashima, Shizuoka.
For looking at preparation of new year cooking.
 At 31, Dec, people in Umegashima were cook for New Year event.
And at about 18:00, they set up New Year dishes for household altar.
 I got a Yatsugashira/八頭, aroid.
It was very good.
And Namasu, pickles of radish and carrot.
A Happy New Year
Thank you