Dashboard cafe

I went to Shizuoka.
With Jin Jun Mei/金駿眉.
The scent was so good.

I got this tea by my friend.
Thank you.


take a rest

I joined the conference at Nihonmatsu,Fukushima.
I took a rest with a cup of Matcha at the bus stop.
Nihonmatsu is under about 60km from The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.
Nobody harvest persimmon fruits.


Bancha tea

 I had Bancha tea.
This tea scented flower !
So sweet.
This tea leaves were made from Kagoshima.
I bought at Chaen/茶淹 in Juso,Osaka.
Thank you.


Pan fried tea

 Tsuyuhikari of Pan fried tea.
The taste was so riah and little bitter.
I like pan fried tea.

This tea was made by Mr.Masui at Kawane.
Thank you.


Poetry in Tea: 2012 Sencha Tsuyuhikari

I glad to read this article of "Poetry in Tea"
The article was writed Tsuyuhikari of Houkou-en.
Then I went to Houkou-en and talk about this article.
Mrs.Katahira glad !!
I was presented pickled radishes.
 This radishes were made by Mrs.Katahira.
Very very good.
This Tsuyuhikari was so good as Sencha.
Thank you
Poetry in Tea: 2012 Sencha Tsuyuhikari


Comparison of milks

 I compared two milks of tea.
The left was named Yotsuba, Holstein, 120 ℃ 2 seconds as sterilization , 3.7% milk fat.
The right was named Nirayama, Jersey,130 ℃ 2 seconds as sterilization ,  4.2%milk fat.
  The tea leaves were Kimon tea by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara.
Tea leaves were extracted with milk.
I felt  more the scent of tea leaves in Yotsuba (Holstein) than Nirayama (Jersey).
As Nirayama (Jersey) is good taste itself ,the taste was matched tea with milk.
So,Both milks were good.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

 Today, I had Tsuyuhikari of sencha tea.
The taste was clear.
I had 3brothers of Tsuyuhikari,pan fried tea,oolong tea and sencha tea.
These teas were made by Moriuchi tea estate in Shizuoka.
Thank you.


Oolong tea

 Tsuyuhikari is the name of  cultivar.
I think thay tsuyuhikari adequate fermentation.
The scent liked camomile flower.

This tea was made by Moriuchi tea estate.

Pan fried tea

 I had pan fried tea of tsuyuhikari.
The tsuyuhikari is Asatsuyu × 静7132.
The scent likes orchis flower.
This tea leaves were made by Moriuchi tea estate,Shizuoka.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

 This morning ,I had sencha tea to get power.
 The tea was kiri no Tsuyu/霧の露 ,a drop of fog.
It was made by Sansui tea estate in Tochizawa/栃沢,Shizuoka.
 Last monday,I went to Sansui tea estate and had a cup of tea with Mr.Uchino.
Thank you Mr.Uchino.



I had the nodate with Zhengshan Xiaozhng /正山小種.
At Okuwarasgina/奥藁科, Shizuoka.
This tea was by Gancha-bou/岩茶房.

Dashboard cafe

I went to Shizuoka.
Rain stops, it becomes clear autumn.
At Yui parking,Tomei highway.
I had sencha tea + lemon scented verbena + heath that made by Next tea.


Kosen-tou /香煎湯

Now,tea flowers blossom.
I had kosen-tou/香煎湯 of tea flowers.
The flower's scent was so sweet.
Thank you.

Earl Grey tea and chiffon cakes

Chiffon cakes and a cup of Earl Grey tea.
The cakes were baked with Earl Grey tea's leaves.
The scent was good !
The tea chiffon cakes were made by Chantiki-do.
This Earl Grey tea and cake's tea leaves were by  Cureha.



I went to Oome/青梅,Tokyo to have Nodate.

I felt the changing colors of autumn leaves.
This matcha was made by Kuma-en,Yame,Fukuoka.

Pan fried tea

 This pan fried tea was Fujikaori,Inzatsu/印雑×Yabukita/やぶきた.
The scent like orchis.
The tea was made by Mr.Koyanagi at Fujieda,Shizuoka.
I bought at Seisui-saryou/清水茶寮.
Thank you.


The tea party

I joined the tea party at Sakura in Yokohama. 
Here, we focused to Wakocha and Oolong tea in Shizuoka.
The main tea was Oolong tea of Tsuyuhikari.
Tsuyuhikari was the specific name.
Mother was shizu7132/静7132 and father was Asatsuyu.
The scent was flowely and sweet, but the taste was nothing.
And Yama no Houshu/山の宝珠 ,Kaori serection,Shunju/春巡,Benifuji,Yamabuki Nadeshiko/山吹なでしこ,Un of tea/温の茶,Senekka tea/せねっか茶, Kouran/香蘭,Benifuuki,Ougon tea/黄金茶,Sohu/蒼風,Koushun premium/香駿プレミアム,Izumi,Fuji Kaori,Yamagiri no Kaori/山霧りの香り,sencha,pan fried and oolong of Tsuyuhikari,and rosted tea of Ougon tea.
Thank you Sakura.


Pu'er tea

Last night's  Pu'er tea was very good.
But, this a cup of tea was last.
Thank you.

Pu'er tea

Dashboard cafe open !!
I run long driving and had pu'er tea by Shumpo Shungetsu.
The healing taste.


Hapiness and a cup of tea

I received happiness.
So,I express my feel to a cup of tea.
This tea was a pan fried tea by Kajihara tea estate,Kumamoto.
Thank you.


Good morning !
I had a cup of tea ,Kiimon tea/紀文紅茶.
This tea was made by Takeuchi tea estate in Makinohara.
The taste was clear.
Thank you.