Plum flavored tea

I made green tea with fragrant plum blossoms.
Roubai: 蝋梅 flowers were used.
Lovely soft flower scent
Tea leaves were Yamakai green tea made by Mr.Shibamoto.
Thank you for all


Making flowers flavored black tea

I joined to make flavored black tea .
It was named "Benikanbai, 紅寒梅"
The tea was flavored with flowers of Roubai, kind of plum.

I went to pick the yellow plum flowers

 There are three kind of Roubai.In this time, I see 2 type flowers, white and yellow.

 The first, I removed insects from flowers.
Then Roubai flowers put together black tea one night.
Next morning, Plum flowers removed and tea leaves were dried.
This process were performed twice or more.
  It is Japanese winter black tea.
Thank you