Japanese black tea

The Japanese black tea called Yama no Houju / 山の宝珠 from Hamasaen.
The water color was gold.
The flavor was fruit flavors and likes as jin xuan oolong tea.
From Uchimaki / 内牧 at Shizuoka.
The leaves color mixed with green and red.

Sencha tea

This sencha tea made from Kanemata / かねまた谷口 at Uji/宇治,Kyoto.
The leaves are native and the tea tree raised from seed.


Sencha tea

This sencha tea made from Houkouen / 豊好園 at Shizuoka.
The taste was so sweet.
The leaves are Yabukita at 2005.

Sencha tea

This sencha tea made from Houkouen /豊好園 at Ryokouaci/両河内 , Shizuoka.
Water color is light green and very beautiful.
The leaves are Koshun / 香駿 at 2008.
The flavor are distinct because the leaves include coumarin.


Japanese black tea

I went to Shizuoka and staied at Nakai parking in the Tomei highway.
Japanese black tea made from Moriuchi tea farm / 森内茶農園 at Shizuoka,
The leaves are Benifuuki.


Bancha tea

The bancha tea /番茶 was called Iri Bancha made from Kyoto.
By Ippodo / 一保堂.


Kiln-dried tea / 釜炒り茶

In this morning , I had klin-dried tea made from Takeo/武雄 ,Saga.
I bought 800 for eat at Omotesando,Tokyo.


Sencha tea

The sencha tea called Shan/しゃん.
And by Uogashi meicha.うおがし銘茶/ at Tukizi,Tokyo.
The tea made from Yame/八女 ,Fukuoka.
I love Shan because easy brewing.


Dashboard cafe

I went to Shizuoka with puer tea.
I bought the tea by Ryokuen.
Dashboad cafe open.
The first was at Ayusawa parking of Tomei highway , Kanagawa.
The second tea at Yui parking , Shizuoka.
The third tea at Ashitaka parking.
This puer was light and good.

Kiln-dried tea / 釜炒り茶

I bought the kiln-dried tea by 800 foreats.
This tea was deep and good.
made from Takeo , Saga.
The dry leaves was deep green.


Sencha tea

I had Soba ,buckwheat noodle for lunch.
With Sencha tea , Fukamushi/深蒸し.
In Japanese kappo cuisine Mandai/萬代 at Yaizu/焼津 , Shizuoka.


Nodate / 野点

I had puer tea at the parking of Nakai in the Tomei highway.


The summit conference of Japanese black tea

I went to the summit conference of Japanese black tea at Sayama / 狭山,Saitama.
Tea plantations and tea shops were in the summit from across the country.
I bought  Mariko tea at Shizuoka and Bancha tea by Fryuu at Fukuoka.


Japanese black tea

Today, I had Japanese black tea ,called Tukigase / 月ヶ瀬 from Nara.
The flavor was very good.
The leaves were great.
Hand picking?
The tea made from Creha.


Japanese black tea

Now,I had Creha's tea every day and every time.
This tea called Minami Satsuma / 南薩摩.
It mede from Kagoshima which is warm and the sun is shining.
Tast was very deep and flavor was good.
The leaves was very good smell.

The tea party at Ganchabou / 岩茶房

I went to the tea party at Ganchabou / 岩茶房.
We had Wuyi Rou Gui  / 肉桂 made by Ryuu / 劉 father's and son's tea.
Both tea made from same leaves but taste was different.


Japanese black tea

This Japanese black tea made from Creha.
It is called Kituki / 杵築,at Oita,Kyushu.
The flavor and taste is good and like Darjiling autumnal.
Dry leaves is reddish.


Kiln-dried tea / 釜炒り茶

Kiln-dried tea by Kunitomo farm at Kouchi , Shikoku.

Tea party in Uogashi meicha / うおがし銘茶

Tea party in Uogashi meicha / うおがし銘茶 at Tukizi , Tokyo.
We had sencha tea called Shan / しゃん.
The tea made from Shizuoka,from Kagoshima,from Kyoto and from Fukuoka.
I got a delicious tea is brewed.


Kiln-dried tea / 釜炒り茶

Today , I had Kamairi cha called Riguri mountain tea / りぐり茶.
The tea made from Kunitomo farm at Kouchi , Shikoku.
Kiln-dried tea is Japanese green tea.
Sencha tea steam leaves , where kiln-dried tea roast with the pan.
Kunitomo farm cultivate in natural environment.
This tea was great flavor.
The leaves pick by hands.


Japanese black tea

In this morning , I had a cup of tea of Moriuchi tea factory / 森内茶農園.
The tea made from Benihuuki , べにふうき,1st and belong to Honyamacha / 本山茶 , at Shizuoka.
The tast was very clear and like Darjiling tea.
The dry leaves is very beattiful.
The leaves was picked up by hands.


Bancha tea

This is Bancha tea / 番茶.
It is called Iribancha / いり番茶 that made from Ippodo / 一保堂 at Kyoto.
The smell of the dry leaves is very  smoky , but the tea is very good taste.
The bancha is the lowest price in the Ippodo.
Bancha is the most love.

There are the bancha leaves.
The leaves are elongated branches and leaves were harvested after Gyokuro.
Then dry and roast.


Japanese black tea

And at the breakfast , I had Japanese black tea called Kimom tea , 紀文紅茶.
The tea made from Takeuchi farm , 竹内農園 , Makinohara , Shizuoka.

Sencha tea

At  the breakfast , my son had sencha tea called Tuchi , 土.
The tea mede from Uogashimeicha , うおがし銘茶 , at Tukizi , Tokyo.


Japanese black tea

It is Japanese black tea called Toputopu tea.
The tea made from Ushigoya farm / 牛小舎農園 at Makinohara , Shizuoka.
Toputopu tea made of the tree , which was used Sencha tea.
The taste was wide and deep.
I like the tea from Shizuoka as well as from Sri Lanka.


Sencha tea

In morning , I had a cup of sencha tea that was called tuchi / 土.
 made from Uigashi meicha / うおがし銘茶.


Sencha tea

Today , I had a cup of Sencha tea of HIoukouen / 豊好園 at Ryokouti , Shizuoka.
It was clear taste.


Tea party in Kesennuma / 気仙沼

I went to the symposium of Japan Pharmaceutical Association as Great East Japan Earthquake.
In Sendai / 仙台,Miyagi.
I had the tea party after the fellowship banquet of the synposium.
With pharmacists , from Fukuoka , from Nagasaki , from Kesennuma and from Tokyo.
I brewed the Hojicha (Ippodo) with lemongrass and Kimon tea(Takeuchi-en).
Then we went to Kesennuma / 気仙沼.
This was a cup of sencha tea from Shizuoka.
In Rikuzen Takada / 陸前高田 , the earthquake down the ground and the sea closed up.