Mochi pounding for New Year

Mochi pounding , one of the ready for New Year

Mochi pounding by grandma and her sun
and cutting is the work of grandpa

Around the stove, the family get together

the other family pounded mochi, too

The yong brothers were working !!

Using stove, glutinous rice was steamed

Thsnk you for all


Hoji cha ; roasted green tea

Last night, I had quiet and vivid raw puer tea
  then, quiet and spectacular puer black tea
Now,  I had hoji cha
The tea straight into my body ^^


The Christmas party

The third times, Christmas party
from 3.11,Great East Japan Earthquake
I joined Ochakko meeting, the victims of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident
I made the Christmas tree together, heard to the recent,
and brewed apple tea
Tea leaves made by Mr.Masui, Kawane, Shizuoka
Thank you for all


Yabukita Oolong

Yabukita Oolong tea
made by Mr.Watanabe
roasting by Mr.Matsuoka
Tea leaves made from Ginpei in Utsunoya, Shizuoka
I felt deep dan cong oolong

The day was rain
So, we were hard for wilting
we used a heater and a electric fan

I have best friends



 It was getting cold in Umegashima, Shizuoka
Fire has been put into the wood stove
It was very hot !!

Potatos were baked on the stove

Using heat of the stove, persimmons dried
It became more sweet

The another home
Persimmons were also dried on the stove

Thanks for all

Nishimata white tea

by Mr.Watanabe and Mr.Matsuoka
June, 2015
Nishimata, Saemidori


Nishimata Autumn

 Yabukita sencha
by Mr.Saito, Nishimata, Shizuoka

 His sencha was so soft

I went to Nishimata
to take Autumn



 Mr.Saito prepared all tea estates for next year
I felt his professional work
I love Nishimata