Oolong tea

This Oolong tea was made by Maruhi tea estate at Makinohara, Shizuoka.
The taste like Japanese sencha tea.
I felt sweet.
Thank you.



Pan fried tea

I had pan fried tea with Wagashi.
This Wagashi was made by Kashiwa-ya in Fukushima.
And a cup of tea was made by Mr.Kajiwara in Kumamoto.
Thank you.


Serving tea at Fukushima

I went to serve teas for mothers with little children at Fukushima.
There are problems of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Mothers has stress of radiation fear every day.
I think that a cup of tea give care for them.
Flowering tea by 春風秋月,
Koku-cha, pan fried tea by Mr.Kajiwara,
Wakocha, Yamagiri no Kaori, Japanese black tea by Umegashima,
and Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong by Ms.Nakaya.
Thank you for all.


Sencha tea

This sencha tea was Yamakai that made by Shibakiri tea estate, Shimizu, Shizuoka.
And this Japanese sweets wagashi, Tsukushi, was made by Kobe Fugestudo.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

This sencha tea is called "Ujihikari" .
It was made from Kyoto.
I felt various sounds at high tempreture.
Thank you.


Sencha tea

Okuhikari, sencha tea
This tea was made by Mr.Sano at Umegashima, Shizuoka.
And the table runner was Aizu-cotton, from Fukushima.
Thank you.



I love Umegashima

Yesterday, I joined the spring festival/ 初午祭.
This bow was used in festival dance.
The sencha tea was made by Mr.Sano.
 The flowers of Wasabi.

And boiled leaves of Koutaisai/香苔菜.
I had spring, thank you.


Umegashima New Spring Festival/ 初午祭

New Spring Festival, Hatsuuma festival/ 初午祭
At Umegashima, Shizuoka
 The festival was done by Inari/ 稲荷 temple.
 Mr.Sano, tea farmer of Yamagiri-no-Kaori.

I had Soba. 
 This tea was called Benikanbai, flavored by prum.
Yamagiri-no-Kaori were used as base leaves.
Thank you.