Great East Japan Earthquake

On 11 March 2011at 14:46 ,the 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake occurred
 at East Japan.
At the time,I worked in the pharmacy at Shinjuku,Tokyo.
All the drugs fell from the shelfs.
I am pharmacist.
So,I went to support the medical treatment to Kesennuma/気仙沼 ,Miyagi/宮城.
This was temporary clinic's pharmacy at Oshima ,Kesennuma.
This drug was warfarin that was suffered the tsunami.
Tunami carried to land the big ships.
Oil tanks were washed away by the tsunami, the sea was on fire.
Tsunami, all flows.
At Shishiori/鹿折 in Kesennuma ,fire occurred.
Lily bells in devastated land.
 I pray for the reconstruct Tohoku.

Bancha tea

I like bancha/番茶.
Bancha is made from tee branches and big leaves in autumn.
I bought this tea by Wise wise at Roppongi.
The tea is made by Kondou Michie/近藤美知絵.
Bancha is daily use.


Radiation contamination of tea

On March 11, 2011, large parts of the city were destroyed by the tsunami which followed the Tōhoku earthquake.
On March 15,Fukushima  Dai-ichi nuclear power plant exploded and radiation diffuse.
In Shizuoka,radiation were  detected from tea leaves.
Many tea farms disposed thier tea leaves.

Japanese Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare announced the new criteria of radiation of tea,on Dec 22.2011.
The following 10Bq / 1000 cc as drinking.
But, the method for brewing tea is not shown.
This is less than 600 Bq / kg as unprocessed tea.
In short, instead of stricter standards, has changed little.

I think that the first plucked tea contaminated radiation but the second, the third decrease .
So, in 2012, new leaves will be less radiation.

Darjeeling tea

This darjeeling was a gift by my friend.
It was by Lopchu at Tamagawa gakuen,Tokyo.
Darjeeling second flash,golden orange pekor
The taste was deep.

Bancha tea

Today,I had bancha tea.
Bancha is a tea that is drunk in the local regeon.
This tea is Kishimame tea/きしまめ茶 that is drunk at Kouchi/高知.
The leaves are consist if pods,leaves and stem of Kawaraketumei/河原決明.
It is Chamaecrista nomame of  legume.
The taste was beans.
This tea, love-it-or-hate-it.



This sencha also was given.
Today,I had Kuki tea/茎茶.
Kuki tea are used tea tree branches.
I like kuki tea,because it was easy to brew.
This tea made from Tujino tea at Yame,Fukuoka.



I had tea with gifts.
The tea was Fukamushi sencha/深蒸し by Tujino at Yame/八女,Fukuoka.
Since the fukamushi leaves are fine, the brewing time is shorter.


Oolong tea

Merry Christmas
I was alone in the hortel in Shizuoka.
And I had Oolong tea that was called Hanairo Oolong tea/花いろ烏龍茶.
The tea was made from Makinohara/牧之原 , Shizuoka.


Dushboard cafe

On Christmas Eve,I went to Shizuoka.
Starting in the dark morning,I got to Mt.Fuji/富士山 predawn.
I had puer tea bought by Ryokuen.
This picture shooted at Fujigawa parking in Tomei highway.
And the second puer tea at Yui Parking.
I got sunrise.

Merry Christmas.
I hope that everyone will be happy.


Darjeeling tea

Today,I had Darjeeling Moondakotee  FTGFOP1/DJ-31 , 2011,the first flush.
I bought by Takano at Shinjuku,Tokyo.
I rarely have Darjeeling tea,because it is so expensive.
The tea is truly a wonderful aroma and taste.
But it was little bitter.



I had sencha called Timeless/時しらず by Yamatocha Team-T/大和茶Team-T.
The leaves were made from Nara/奈良.
I went to Tenkuu tea party/天空茶会 the other day.
The taste was simpleand deep.



I went to have a cup of Matcha to Uogashi Meicha/うおがし銘茶 at Tukizi/築地,Tokyo.
The taste is bitter and sweet.
and beautiful freen.


Houji-cha milk tea

In afternoon,I had Houji-cha milk tea.
I roasted leaves of Yamatocha/大和茶 from Nara.
With the Houroku roaster,about 3min.
The tea tree stems are used.


Japanese black tea

This tea is made by Mr.Ota at Ureshino/嬉野,Oita.
The taste was deep and wide.
If a astringent taste out,the tast is dood.


Japanese black tea

I like the tea of Moriuchi tea farm/森内茶農園 at Uchimaki,Shizuoka.
The leaves are Benifuuki/紅富貴.


chinese black tea

I had chinese black tea called Sun-moon lake tea /日月潭.
The taste was very deep.
The third was the best.
The tea was bought by Mugachakan at Osaka.
The specialty tea.